Primum, Primitivo Red Wine

Primum, Primitivo Red Wine

Just a stone's throw from the Ionian Sea, an expanse of Primitivo grape vineyards enjoys the marvellous Salento microclimate and allows us to offer this IGT Salento red barrique wine, which definitely will not go unnoticed even by the most attentive taster. A fine wine with an intense, vanilla and spicy flavour and unique fruity hints.

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IGT Salento
Cantina Monsellato

The red wine presented here is an IGT Salento red Primitivo, produced in the province of Lecce in a marvellous, slightly hilly area with fertile soils directly overlooking the wonderful Ionian Sea. Primum is made from pure Primitivo grapes, hand-picked from vines over twenty years old. Here, the humid, ventilated microclimate and the fertile, clayey soil allow the plant to express itself to the best of its ability. 

The result is a wine characterised by an intense and fascinating aromatic bouquet. Within it, notes of ripe plum, black cherry, blackberry, as well as vanilla and spices. A soft and enveloping tannic note completes the aromatic picture. 

The barrique ageing of this wine from Salento makes it a natural invitation to meditation. 

Information About Primum IGT Salento Rosso Primitivo

Grapes: Primitivo grapes

Alcoholic degree 15.5%.

Recommended serving temperature 18°-20°