Tenuta Longhe Red Wine Primitivo IGT Salento

Tenuta Longhe Red Wine Primitivo IGT Salento

Among the wines of Salento, Primitivo is one of the most loved. It is a frank, sincere, rich and full-bodied wine, velvety and fragrant with ripe and delicious red fruit. A wine that everyone likes and that everyone agrees on, from north to south. We propose it here for the benefit of those who cannot help keeping a good Primitivo in their cellar.

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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
IGT Salento
Cantina Monsellato

Primitivo Rosso IGT Salento wine Tenuta Longhe

As already mentioned this red wine comes from a single cultivar, that of Primitivo grapes. A cultivar that has made the history of Salento wine-growing and gives us a wine with a bright red colour. The flavour is slightly tannic and dry, and manages to convince even connoisseurs. 

Pairings with Primitivo Rosso wine 

The Primitivo wine proposed here goes very well with red meats, barbecued or grilled. It also goes well with stews and stewed meats or with dishes cooked in the oven. It is a perfect wine to serve with traditional pork products from any region (but even better if from Puglia) and with rich platters of cured meats and artisan cheeses. It also goes very well with traditional Italian first courses, such as ragùs and red sauces.