Mustaccere (mustaccioli) with chocolate

Mustaccere (mustaccioli) with chocolate

The Apulian chocolate mostaccioli rightfully belong to the large family of traditional Apulian sweets. They are prepared with great simplicity starting from the classic ingredients that we all have at home. In Puglia there is never a shortage in the pantry, both during holidays and throughout the year. The Apulian mustaccere (another name for mustaccioli), are always appreciated for their fragrant and soft, but also crunchy at the same time. Under their irresistible glaze, in fact, hides a soft cocoa heart, with hints of lemon, cinnamon and cloves. A dive into the most authentic secrets of the Apulian confectionery tradition, which has been able to make its own the gastronomic knowledge learned in past centuries from the oriental populations who crossed these splendid lands. Buy the chocolate mostaccioli too: it will be love at first taste.

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The delicious chocolate mostaccioli: authentic taste of southern Italy

Origins and tradition of chocolate mostaccioli

Mostaccioli are delicious sweet biscuits, typical of the Italian culinary tradition. Originally widespread mainly in Southern Italy, especially in Puglia and Campania, these sweets are loved for their rich flavor and soft texture. The traditional recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, jealously guarding the secrets and flavors of Apulian cuisine. Despite the evolution of tastes and culinary techniques, chocolate mostaccioli maintain their authenticity intact and remain one of the most loved and appreciated confectionery specialties in the region.

Preparing mostaccioli according to the recipe handed down by our ancestors is a way to reconnect with our roots and celebrate the culinary traditions that have shaped the culture and identity of Puglia. Every bite of these desserts recalls a past rich in flavors and history, uniting generations in the pleasure of sharing and conviviality. Apulian mostaccioli bring with them the scent of the must and the enveloping flavor of chocolate, giving a unique and unforgettable sensory experience. Each tasting is a journey through time and space, a dive into the traditions and flavors of the Apulian land.

The mostaccioli recipe

The mostaccioli recipe is quite simple but incredibly satisfying. Let's start with the ingredients of the mostaccioli. You start by mixing flour, sugar, cocoa powder and yeast, then adding eggs, oil and a splash of liquor (typically mulled wine or rum) to flavor the dough. Cinnamon, cloves and other spices are optional, but strongly recommended. Once a homogeneous mixture is obtained, cylinders are formed which are cut into slices and baked until they become golden and fragrant. They often have a vaguely rhomboidal shape. 

The meaning of the name mostaccioli

Their name, "mostaccioli" or "mustaccioli" or "mustaccere", has deep roots in the Italian culinary tradition. It derives from the term "mustazzo", which means must, since originally these biscuits were prepared using cooked must instead of sugar. This ancient practice gave them a unique flavor and natural sweetness. 

chocolat biscuit italian

The pleasures of taste

What makes chocolate mostaccioli so special is their combination of intense flavors and soft textures. Thanks to the presence of chocolate in the dough and covering, these biscuits are a riot of sweetness and pleasure for the palate. 

An irresistible temptation

They are perfect to enjoy at any time of the day, perhaps accompanied by a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. Excellent to enjoy during moments of family celebration, mustaccioli are also perfect as a gift idea during the Christmas period, due to their slightly spicy flavor which evokes winter and mountain atmospheres. It goes without saying, however, that kids love them all year round.

Buy Apulian mostaccioli

Despite the passing of the centuries, chocolate mostaccioli remain a symbol of Apulian gastronomy and an unmissable delight for anyone lucky enough to taste them. Their history and their unique taste make them a true treasure of Italian cuisine, to be tasted and appreciated on every occasion. If you want to try the experience of real Apulian mostaccioli, you can purchase them directly from our dedicated page. With our authentic mostaccioli, you can delight your palate with a genuine taste of the confectionery tradition of Southern Italy.

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