Sweet Taralli "Vincotto"

Sweet Taralli "Vincotto"

Sweet tarallucci with vincotto: imagine a love marriage between the Apulian taralli, perhaps the best-known symbol of the Apulian bread-making art, and the sweet grape vincotto, the nectar of sweetness par excellence, which has been produced in the region since time immemorial and which it sweetens and characterizes countless traditional recipes, both sweet and savory. Well, today this one-of-a-kind wedding is the result of the inventiveness and good taste of those at La Terra di Puglia who think and develop products and combinations. The idea is a winning one, the resulting product is our sweet tarallini with cooked wine, more than delicious, sweetened with taste and balance by a drop of sweet grape vincotto. A sweet snack, these tarallini with cooked wine, which satisfies everyone, especially those who don't like imaginative or sweet combinations with creams, and which is perfect for practically any moment of the day.


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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
Handmade product
200 gr
Contains sulfites
Mandorle, zucchero, zucchero a velo, liquore benevento, vanillina, limone, caffé, pistacchio. Ricoperti con zucchero fondente, cioccolato fondente, nocciole.
Laterradipuglia Dolci

A few words about vincotto

In Puglia, vincotto is perhaps one of the oldest, most famous and still popular desserts known today. It is a real sweet nectar, produced from what only mother nature has to offer. In reality, in Puglia there are different types of vincotto. The most famous is the grape vincotto, but nowadays there are also fig vincotto and cherry vincotto. Vincotto is widely used in cooking both simply on ice cream, on cakes, on puddings and on many desserts. On the savory front, however, the Apulian vincotto is the undisputed protagonist of the tables during festive moments, when pittule are prepared, small bread dough fritters fried on the spot and dipped directly into the vincotto while still hot and steaming. Furthermore, the vincotto is a great protagonist in the preparation of the Capocollo of Martina Franca, a traditional Apulian sausage that is very famous even outside the region. It is produced in the woods of the Itria Valley, from pigs that have lived and grazed in the wild, feeding only on berries. The marinade takes place with local herbs and spices, and with vincotto, in fact. An exclusive, typically Apulian product, which you can also find on sale in this shop of typical Apulian products.

Sweet Taralli, what an idea!

The most famous Apulian taralli are perhaps the savory ones, but La Terra di Puglia also thinks of those who love sweet things and therefore cannot avoid developing a range of sweet taralli designed specifically for those who always want to have something sweet in the pantry. The tradition of Apulian desserts and Salento desserts is truly ancient. They are lands over which countless peoples have passed, many of them coming from the Middle East and the Far East. Peoples who have also left a legacy of knowledge regarding gastronomy. It is no coincidence that many Apulian desserts reinterpret the lesson learned from people who arrived from far away, and make extensive use of chocolate mixed with spices, citrus fruits with almonds, grape and fig nectars, local cherries, wildflower honey and more. Glazing, mixtures, toasting taste good and of Puglia, but they also take us, ideally, to distant places.

Sweet Taralli with vincotto, information

The Apulian vincotto is therefore the quintessence of Apulian sweetness offered only and exclusively by mother nature. No added sugars, no chemicals, additives, stabilizers or flavourings, but only all the essence of local fruit, harvested when fully ripe and left to simmer for many many hours. Until it reduces and becomes a real nectar of flavour. Today we find a drop of grape vincotto right in these sweet taralli: a small sweet snack that brings us back to a past in which distant peoples and populations passed through the land of Puglia, and in which good things were done (indeed, very good) even with little. Try these sweet taralli with vincotto too, it will be love at first taste!

Taralli mit Weißwein oder Taralli mit Vincotto: Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede

Süße Taralli mit Weißwein sind ein typischer Genuss der italienischen kulinarischen Tradition und werden oft während der Feiertage zubereitet. Diese krümeligen Desserts ähneln in Geschmack und Konsistenz den Tarallini aus süßem Weißwein und passen perfekt zu einem Glas Wein oder einem Kaffee. Eine weitere köstliche Variante sind die Öl-Wein-Taralucci, die die Einfachheit der Zutaten mit dem intensiven Aroma des Weins verbinden. Wenn Sie diese exquisiten Süßigkeiten zubereiten möchten, können Sie einem Wein-Taralli-Rezept folgen, das Sie Schritt für Schritt durch die Zubereitung süßer Wein-Taralli führt. Es gibt zahlreiche Weißwein-Taralli-Rezepte, jedes mit seinen eigenen Besonderheiten, aber ein klassisches Weißwein-Taralli-Rezept erfordert die Verwendung einiger echter Zutaten. Für diejenigen, die eine kleinere Variante bevorzugen, sind süße Tarallini aus Weißwein eine hervorragende Alternative, perfekt für einen schnellen, aber köstlichen Geschmack. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Vincotto-Variante, bei der kein Weißwein verwendet wird.

sweet tarallucci with vincotto

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