101, Apulian white wine

101, Apulian white wine

A white wine celebrating the 101th anniversary of the founding of Cantina Monsellato, an important winery with headquarters and land in the lower Salento region. 101 Bianco is a fresh, fruity and aromatic wine that, sip after sip, tells the story of a land rich in tradition and innovation. To be kept in the pantry at all times, both for daily consumption and for special occasions.

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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
IGT Puglia
Cantina Monsellato

101 Bianco Monsellato Winery

101 Bianco is a wine designed to consecrate and celebrate 101 years of history and activity of a winery that has always been closely linked to the Salento territory. We are referring to the Monsellato winery, which today offers us this fresh, young, fruity and aromatic wine that releases citrus, floral and herbaceous scents. 

Recommended pairings

101 Bianco is an IGT Puglia wine. It is drunk chilled and goes well with appetisers, seasonal vegetables, fresh cheese and fish dishes.

Salento white wine 101: information

Grapes: blend of local grape varieties

The white wine of Salento has an alcohol content of 12.5 %.

It is recommended to be served at 10°-12°.