Barley Orecchiette

Barley Orecchiette

Orecchiette with barley are a symbol of Puglian tradition. In Puglia, they are called "strascinate" for the typical preparation gesture. The main ingredients include durum wheat semolina, whole durum wheat semolina, and barley flour. These Puglian orecchiette are loved for their ability to collect sauce and their rustic flavor. Rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber, they are a healthy and delicious choice for any meal.


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semola di grano duro 40%, semola integrale di grano duro 40%, farina di orzo 20%, acqua.
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Laterradipuglia Pasta

Orecchiette with Barley: A Symbol of Puglia’s Tradition

Orecchiette are perhaps one of the great symbols of Puglia’s culinary tradition. Here in Puglia, they are also called "strascinate," evoking the typical gesture that housewives performed with their thumb or a blunt knife to make them by hand, dragging the dough and then folding it onto itself. In Puglia, there is no Sunday without homemade pasta, and if they are orecchiette, even better. Today, orecchiette are a pasta format loved and enjoyed throughout Italy, thanks to their great versatility and their incredible ability to collect sauce. Try them with a meat sauce like ragù, or simply with a vegetable-based dressing. If you can’t find the classic Puglian turnip tops, you can also try with a good broccoli.

Barley in Salento Tradition

Barley flour was already used in ancient times in Salento. Generally, not everyone could afford Senatore Cappelli or Saragolla flour, so in the humblest families, they used to make pasta with barley flour, much cheaper. Barley flour contains little gluten but has an excellent supply of minerals (especially phosphorus), vitamins, and fiber. Its low gluten content makes it difficult to work with, which is why it is often combined with wheat flour. The taste is excellent, rustic, and traditional.

Ingredients of Barley Orecchiette

The ingredients of orecchiette with barley are simple but of high quality. Here is the composition: durum wheat semolina 40%, whole durum wheat semolina 40%, barley flour 20%, water. This combination of ingredients gives the orecchiette pasta a unique flavor and the perfect texture to collect any type of sauce.

Nutritional Benefits of Barley

Barley flour is not only economical but also an excellent source of nutrients. It contains little gluten, making it suitable for those looking to reduce gluten intake in their diet. Moreover, it is rich in phosphorus, vitamins, and fiber, essential for a balanced diet. The reduced gluten content, however, makes barley flour difficult to work with on its own, which is why it is often mixed with other flours to ensure the right consistency of the orecchietta pasta.

Traditional Preparation of Orecchiette

The preparation of Puglian orecchiette is an art passed down from generation to generation. The technique of "dragging" the dough to create the characteristic shape requires practice and skill. The combination of wheat flour and barley flour makes these orecchiette not only delicious but also rich in history and tradition. Trying to make orecchiette at home is a way to connect with Puglian culture and appreciate the simplicity and genuineness of Italian cuisine.

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