Semolina macaroni

Semolina macaroni

Semolina Maccheroni, known as Puglian maccheroni, are a traditional dish of Salento cuisine. Made with semolina flour and hand-shaped with an iron wire, they have an elongated, hollow shape. Usually served with tomato sauce and a pinch of ricotta schianta, they are a true culinary excellence. Perfect with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a glass of Primitivo di Manduria.



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Origin area
500 gr
semola di grano duro, acqua.
Cooking time
11-12 minuts
Varietà di grano
Grain semolina
Tipologia di pasta
Short production line / 0 Km
Laterradipuglia Pasta

The Tradition of Semolina Maccheroni

Semolina Maccheroni, also known as "Minchiareddhi," represent an excellence in Salento cuisine. This pasta shape, typical of Puglian tradition, is usually served with a delicious tomato sauce and, for those seeking an authentic experience, a pinch of ricotta schianta. These Puglian maccheroni are a true delight for the palate, appreciated by both locals and tourists.

Artisan Preparation

Our grandmothers continue to make handmade maccheroni, following traditional methods passed down through generations. They use a simple iron wire to shape the pasta, creating its characteristic elongated and hollow form. This process requires skill and patience, but the final result rewards every effort with a unique and unmistakable flavor.

The Importance of Semolina

Semolina flour pasta is the foundation of our Puglian maccheroni. Durum wheat semolina gives the pasta a perfect texture and rich taste. It is essential to choose high-quality semolina to achieve excellent semolina maccheroni, capable of absorbing the sauces well and maintaining the right firmness during cooking.

Traditional Recipes and Innovations

Although the traditional recipe for semolina maccheroni involves a simple tomato sauce and ricotta schianta, there are numerous variations that enrich this dish. It is possible to add seasonal vegetables, such as zucchini and eggplant, or experiment with fish-based sauces for an innovative touch while still respecting tradition.

Recommended Pairings

To enhance the flavor of handmade maccheroni, it is advisable to pair them with local wines, such as a good Primitivo di Manduria or a Negroamaro. These wines, with their robustness and complexity, perfectly complement the richness of semolina pasta and its sauces. Additionally, a drizzle of Puglian extra virgin olive oil can further enhance the dish.

The Culture of Togetherness

Preparing and enjoying Puglian maccheroni is not only a culinary pleasure but also an occasion for togetherness. Handmade pasta represents a family gathering moment, where grandparents, parents, and children share the joy of cooking together. It is a way to pass down traditions and create precious memories.

In conclusion, semolina maccheroni are much more than just a dish: they are a symbol of Salento's culture and tradition, a culinary treasure that continues to delight anyone lucky enough to taste them.

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