Artisanal ready-made sauces

Artisanal ready-made sauces

Discover our package of 8 artisanal ready-made sauces: a perfect mix to enrich your dishes with the authentic flavors of Apulia. Includes basil sauce, vegetable sauce, arrabbiata, and pizzaiola. Easy to use, just heat them for 5 minutes to enjoy a tasty and genuine meal. Ideal for spaghetti, ravioli, and much more.


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Lecce / Salento
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320 gr
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Laterradipuglia Conserve

Pasta Sauces

We offer a package containing 8 artisanal ready-made sauces, a perfect mix to brighten up your meals with the scents of Apulia. The sauce we offer is tasty and good on any occasion, ideal for spaghetti sauce, ravioli sauces, and many other types of pasta. Just heat it for 5 minutes to release the typical scents of Apulia in your home.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is the king of Italian cuisine and one of the most versatile ingredients. Our artisanal ready-made sauces include various types of sauce with tomatoes, each characterized by a unique blend of spices and Apulian aromas.

Types of Tomato Sauces

There are various types of tomato sauces, each with its own peculiarities. From the quick tomato sauce to more elaborate ones, our artisanal sauces cover a wide range of tastes and culinary needs.

Ready-Made Sauces

The ready-made sauces we offer are made with fresh and genuine ingredients, guaranteeing an authentic and natural taste. The package of 8 jars of 320gr will be shipped to you in a specially designed and patented polystyrene box.

Homemade Ready-Made Sauces

For those who love convenience without sacrificing quality, our homemade ready-made sauces are the ideal choice. Pasteurized to ensure safety and preservation, they retain the authentic flavors of Apulian tradition.

How to Cook the Sauce

How to cook the sauce? It's simple! Just heat one of our sauces for a few minutes, and they will be ready to enjoy. Ready-made sauces should be briefly cooked, just enough time to heat them up and release all their aromas.

Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti sauce is a timeless classic. Our artisanal sauces are perfect for dressing a plate of spaghetti, providing an authentic and rich culinary experience.

Sauces in the Package

  1. Basil Sauce: Made with fresh tomatoes and fragrant basil, this sauce is the essence of simplicity and taste.
  2. Vegetable Sauce: A colorful mix of fresh vegetables, perfect for a healthy and tasty meal.
  3. Arrabbiata Sauce: Spicy and flavorful, with a touch of chili pepper for those who love bold flavors.
  4. Pizzaiola Sauce: Rich in tomatoes, capers, and olives, perfect for those who love intense and Mediterranean flavors.

Barilla Sauces

Barilla sauces are very popular and appreciated for their practicality and taste. However, ours is an artisanal sauce, different from this type of sauce, which, although good, does not have true craftsmanship. Barilla ready-made sauces offer a quick and tasty solution, but our sauces, made with love and care, provide an authentic and genuine experience. Barilla's ready-made sauce is perfect for those seeking speed and convenience, but if you desire something more special, our artisanal sauces will make you feel at home.

How to Use Ready-Made Sauces

Wondering how to use ready-made sauces? It's easy! Just heat them in a pan for a few minutes, and they are ready to be served. Ideal for pasta, pizza, and much more, our ready-made sauces are the perfect solution for a quick and tasty meal.

Sauce with Tomatoes

Our sauce with tomatoes is made with fresh, ripe tomatoes, picked at the right time to ensure a sweet and rich flavor. Perfect for any type of pasta, this sauce represents the heart of Apulian culinary tradition.

In conclusion, our package of 8 artisanal ready-made sauces is the ideal choice for those seeking quality, tradition, and convenience. Try it and let yourself be transported by the authentic flavors of Apulia!

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