Taralli with onion

Taralli with onion

Onion taralli express all the desire for simplicity and flavor that lovers of typical regional products know very well. Desire for simple and genuine flavors, never artifacts, which accompany us from the first taste on a small gastronomic journey to the heart of the most authentic Puglia. To prepare these delicious Apulian taralli we go in search of the best Apulian white onions: tasty but very sweet, inviting and not at all overwhelming. Which become the protagonists of a bakery product among the most loved by the customers of La Terra di Puglia.

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TYPE 0 and 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, salt, onion 2%
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

Taralli from Puglia, which are the best?

Taralli with wine, vincotto, fennel seeds, aniseed, turmeric, pizzaiola...the Apulian taralli are truly innumerable and all very tasty. Having to answer the question "Apulian taralli, which are the best?" we would certainly be spoiled for choice. But the answer could be: Apulian taralli are those prepared with tasty, genuine and healthy local raw materials. We think of flour, olive oil, white wine, but also of all the extraordinary selection of ingredients that make Apulian baked goods so interesting and delicious. Not to mention the attention to the preparation techniques. Have you ever heard of, for example, boiled taralli? We're about to let you in on a secret....

Extremely crumbly Apulian Taralli, the secret is soon revealed

The best Apulian taralli are very crumbly and fragrant. The secret lies not only in the choice of raw materials but also in the technique we use to prepare them. The Land of Puglia has no doubts on this issue: the preparation techniques must be traditional. And to have very crumbly Apulian tarallini it is necessary to go through a double cooking. It is no coincidence that we always speak of boiled taralli: because the original Apulian taralli are subjected to a double cooking, first in boiling salted water, and then in the oven. Cooking in boiling water is a bit like that for potato gnocchi. The taralli are therefore immersed in water and then, when they come to the surface, they are placed on a clean cloth. At the end of the rest period which usually lasts a few hours, the cooking of the taralli of Puglia in the oven is perfected. In Puglia we make them like this and we guarantee that - even if it is a procedure that requires a little more time and patience - it is the one that guarantees greater friability of the final product.

Onion taralli, what's special about them?

La Terra di Puglia onion taralli have the fragrance described above and, in addition, all the delicacy, aroma and simplicity of the best Apulian onions. We grow them personally and then collect them one by one for you. Born and raised in the land of Puglia and ready to give their best in this extraordinary and fragrant Apulian baked goods.

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