Sweet Caciocavallo 500gr

Fresh white scamorza 500gr

Fresh white scamorza is a fermented cheese with spun paste, sweet and soft, made with whole cow's milk. This cheese stands out for its guaranteed freshness due to fast shipping, ensuring arrival at your home within 24/48 hours. Apulian scamorza retains all its organoleptic characteristics thanks to packaging in polystyrene boxes. Perfect for every culinary need, it is a versatile and tasty cheese.



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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
500 gr
Latte, acido citrico, caglio, sale.
Nutritional info
Valore energetico: 270-280 Kcal/100 gr;1110-1160 KJ/100 gr;Grassi totali: 20,6%;Acidi grassi saturi: 12 gr/100 gr;Proteine: 21,5 gr/100 gr;Carboidrati: 1,5 gr/100 gr;Di cui zuccheri: 1,5 gr.
Short production line / 0 Km
Caseificio Arcudi

Fresh White Scamorza: A Treasure of Dairy Tradition

Fresh white scamorza is an excellent dairy product, a fermented cheese with a hard spun paste. Made exclusively with whole cow's milk, it has a characteristic pear shape with a short neck and an enlarged upper part known as the "head". This cheese stands out for its soft paste and sweet flavor, which distinguishes it from aged variants.

A Distinct and Variable Taste

The taste of fresh scamorza is influenced by rennet, a natural coagulant that gives the cheese its distinct taste. Aging plays a crucial role in determining the final flavor of the product: the longer it ages, the more intense and complex the flavor becomes. You can find sweet scamorza with a short aging period or more pungent and aromatic variants if aged longer. This makes scamorza a cheese suitable for different palates and culinary uses.

Guaranteed Freshness

We use only our own produced milk to ensure our products arrive fresh at your home. Speed is one of our strengths: dairy products are produced and shipped the morning immediately after your order. Thanks to fast shipping, the package arrives within 24/48 hours, with scheduled shipping days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Additionally, we use a polystyrene box to package the products, ensuring hygiene and freshness. This method guarantees that Apulian scamorza maintains all its organoleptic characteristics intact.

Nutritional Information

Fresh white scamorza is a relatively light cheese. The calories in scamorza vary depending on the type and aging. For example, smoked scamorza tends to have a slightly higher caloric content compared to fresh. On average, scamorza kcal can be found in specific nutritional values, which also indicate the nutritional benefits of this product, such as protein and calcium intake.

Scamorza: Fresh or Aged?

It is important to distinguish between fresh or aged cheese. Fresh scamorza is characterized by its softness and sweetness, while aged scamorza develops a more complex flavor and a firmer texture. Both variants have their place in the kitchen, either as a main ingredient or as an addition to more elaborate dishes.


Fresh white scamorza represents a fundamental element of Apulian dairy tradition. With its varied taste and guaranteed quality, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a fresh cheese that is versatile. Whether you prefer the delicate flavor of the fresh version or the complexity of the aged one, scamorza is a cheese that satisfies every culinary need.

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