“La bio” organic home made tomato sauce

“La bio” organic home made tomato sauce

A great 100% organic sauce, unique and savory, made up from raw and red tomatoes.

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Azienda agricola Le Lame

Organic tomato puree Made in Puglia, good, very tasty and above all healthy
Organic tomato puree is an unmistakable product. Good, tasty, fragrant and dense, but above all certified organic. It is a product - this organic tomato puree - that really makes everyone agree: lovers of good food, vegetarians, vegans.

This organic tomato puree looks like a dense and bright red product, with an irresistible aroma. It does not need a long cooking and wraps your pasta to perfection. It is also excellent for lasagna, baked pasta, parmigiane, rustic dishes in general.We prepare the organic tomato sauce with organic tomatoes grown in the open field, taking care of all stages of production as always.

Characteristics of organic tomato puree

  • it is 100% organic and DEMETER;
  • it is obtained from tomatoes grown and processed in the same lands;
  • it is pasteurized;
  • it is resealable and can be stored for a few days in the fridge, thanks to the handy twist off cap

Demeter certification

The tomato puree that we propose here boasts the Demeter Certification. What is it about? Demeter is an exclusively private association where producers, processors and distributors undertake to implement the biodynamic method.

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