Caciocavallo stagionato

Smoked Caciocavallo

Smoked caciocavallo is a cheese that is seasoned and smoked over a wood fire. Fermented hard stretched curd cheese. Produced with only whole cow's milk, it has a pear shape with a short constriction surmounted by an enlargement called "head".  Single full size, weight approximately 1.8 kg.


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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
1,5 Kg / 1,6 Kg
Latte, acido citrico, caglio, sale.
Nutritional info
Valore energetico: 270-280 Kcal/100 gr;1110-1160 KJ/100 gr;Grassi totali: 20,6%;Acidi grassi saturi: 12 gr/100 gr;Proteine: 21,5 gr/100 gr;Carboidrati: 1,5 gr/100 gr;Di cui zuccheri: 1,5 gr.
Short production line / 0 Km
3 months
Caseificio Arcudi

Caciocavallo is an extraordinary mature cheese classic of south Italy and of Puglia in particular. This version is the "smoked" one, so tasty and flavoured. It's great as a starter together with salami, olives or pickled vegetables, but also as ingredient of your favorite recipes, such as rolls, meatballs or others.

Size of matured caciocavallo

The weight of the standard size of the whole caciocavallo varies from approximately 1.8 kg, depending on the skill of the cheesemaker.

Mature Caciocavallo is an uncooked stretched curd cheese. The milk from which it is obtained is cow's milk. Its shape is curious and somewhat reminiscent of a pear. It is not a shape that it takes naturally, but it is the master cheesemaker who gives it to it with his hands. In short, a true work of art! Once the caciocavallo has been shaped, it is immersed in water so that it can cool and begin to firm up. The caciocavallo is then salted and hung to mature.

The result is a mature cheese with a semi-hard texture. Its taste is strong and intense, due to the presence of rennet, a natural coagulant. It is the length of maturation, however, that gives this cheese its characteristic sweet, medium or spicy flavor. The longer the maturation, the more intense the flavor!

Origin of the name caciocavallo

Horses have nothing to do with it! The name comes from the fact that in ancient times the caciocavallo wheels were hung to mature right across a beam.

Only milk from our own production

We guarantee that you will receive these products at your home while they are still very fresh for two reasons:

  • speed: the dairy products are produced and shipped the morning immediately following your order. The package will arrive at your home in 24/48 hours, shipping days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday;
  • the polystyrene box in which we package the products guarantees hygiene and freshness. In this way, the product will keep its characteristics intact

How is caciocavallo smoked?

  • Cheese selection. High quality caciocavallo is chosen for the smoking process.
  • Hot smoking. The cheese is exposed to smoke from the burning of hardwood, such as oak, beech or hazel. The cheese is placed inside smoking chambers where smoke is circulated through the cheese for a sufficient period of time to impart the desired smoky flavor. This process can take several hours depending on the desired intensity of the smoky flavor.
  • Cooling and seasoning. After smoking, the caciocavallo is cooled and then left to mature for an appropriate period of time. During this time, the flavors develop further and the cheese reaches the right consistency and softness.
  • Packaging. Once the smoking and maturing process is completed, the caciocavallo is packaged appropriately for sale and distribution.

This process ensures that the caciocavallo has that distinctive smoky flavor that makes it so delicious.

Practical information regarding the shipment of caciocavallo

Each package is shipped directly from the manufacturer's workshop who, thanks to our directives, will take care of preparing it as specified below:

  • Cooling gel or ice - to maintain the cold chain for 72 hours
  • Isothermal polystyrene container - to avoid the dispersion of the cold