Grilled aubergine rolls

Grilled aubergine rolls

The grilled aubergine rolls are a delight for the palate. Beloved by all fans of typical Apulian products, they bring to the table the perfect combination of health and authenticity on the one hand, and the desire for delicious flavors on the other. Because after all, health and flavor can really go hand in hand, and this product is tangible proof of this. These quick aubergine rolls are - moreover - particularly versatile. Try them as an appetizer or as a side dish. They will be your ace in the hole and - you will see - they will no longer be missing in your pantry.


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Lecce / Salento
aubergines (40%), extra virgin olive oil (32%), dried tomatoes, dried onion, wild fennel, wine vinegar (contains SULPHITES), salt, sugar.
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Grilled aubergine rolls: from the ground to the grill, for a surprising outcome

Apulian farmers know well that there are two secrets to obtaining special and tasty typical products: starting from an excellent raw material and processing it as little as possible. These grilled aubergine rolls fully comply with both requirements. They are prepared from excellent local aubergines, ripened in the warm Apulian sun, which as always knows how to make any vegetable pulpy, sweet and tasty. The preparation is simple and not very laborious, but draws on simple gestures and equally genuine raw materials: grilling enhances and underlines the delicate and aromatic flavor of the aubergine, while the filling gives a truly special Mediterranean touch. These cold stuffed grilled aubergines are prepared according to grandmother's recipe and are a hymn to simple goodness. Keep the stuffed aubergines in the pantry and open them as needed: they are quick aubergine rolls, ready to satisfy your craving for Puglia both in everyday life and on special occasions.

Stuffed grilled aubergines: one idea, a thousand uses

The stuffed grilled aubergines that La Terra di Puglia offers you on this page are a tasty product capable of meeting even the most demanding tastes. These are cold stuffed grilled aubergines, but you can also reheat them briefly to obtain a different effect and transform them into a real side dish to pair with meat or fish dishes. Certainly, preparing plain aubergine rolls at home is challenging: La Terra di Puglia has thought of it for you.

What do they contain? The aubergines proposed here contain sun-dried tomatoes and onions, delicious local fennel and excellent EVO oil. A dive into the most authentic Mediterranean from the first taste!

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