Almond milk

Almond milk

An excellent almond milk as good as homemade. A fresh and light drink to be enjoyed according to your imagination, with countless benefits. Pamper the palate and take care of our well-being sip by sip. Almond products are naturally free of gluten and lactose.

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Origin area
Handmade product
250 gr
Zucchero, acqua, mandorle 22% (di cui il 3% di mandorle amare)
Short production line / 0 Km
Azienda Agricola Scarafile

Almond milk is the purest and most natural essence of Apulian almonds. It is a real nectar of goodness and health. Forget the commercial versions of this product, full of thickeners and sweeteners, and get ready to savor the most authentic, delicious and natural almond milk syrup there is.

It is a product that you can use with the addition of water, ice cubes or crushed ice or, again, that you can enjoy according to your imagination even on top of ice cream.

A product that is not heavy on the palate but rather pleasantly refreshing, loved by the whole family and perfect for any time of day.

Almond milk, calories and benefits
Moreover, in terms of calories this almond milk is very low, since it is prepared according to the Apulian tradition and has no added sweeteners. And not only that: even in terms of nutritional properties, the almond milk that we propose here is a real panacea. Just think, it pampers the cardiovascular system by keeping us safe from typical pathologies due to excess triglycerides and bad cholesterol and keeping our arteries well clean. Almost better than Apulian oil already does!

In short, a small Apulian long life elixir to buy and keep in the pantry for all occasions.

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