Panettone artigianale cioccolato

Artisan panettone with raisins

An exquisite panettone enriched with delicious top quality raisins. Aromatic and fragrant, the raisins transform every bite of this extraordinary panettone into a moment of celebration.



750 gr
Forno Preite Biscotti

The panettone that La Terra di Puglia personally prepares in its laboratory are the result of a careful recipe for the raw materials. The selection takes place with care and attention towards those raw materials that meet 3 fundamental requirements: good, healthy, local. No industrial products therefore, and no rush. Because a good, delicious, irresistible panettone like the one by La Terra di Puglia requires time and love, patience and expertise. The result is a truly unique dessert, capable of pampering the palate and awakening the senses. Unwrap it, and it's a party right away.

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