Glazed taralli

Glazed taralli

La Terra di Puglia glazed taralli bring into your home all the fragrance of a home-made product scented like never before of Puglia and of ancient flavours: almonds, vanilla and lemon give life, taste after taste, to a unique symphony of flavours. genre, ready to transport those who taste it to the heart of the most authentic and genuine rural Puglia, where mothers and grandmothers gave life day after day to very simple and delicious home-made sweets and treats, ready to be snapped up in no time at all .


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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
Handmade product
200 gr
Mandorle, zucchero, zucchero a velo, liquore benevento, vanillina, limone, caffé, pistacchio. Ricoperti con zucchero fondente, cioccolato fondente, nocciole.
Laterradipuglia Dolci

Glazed Taralli

Imagine classic Apulian taralli, with their one-of-a-kind fragrance. Now imagine adding a generous handful of sugar, a few almonds, and a pour of lemon icing to the dough with which we lovingly prepare them in the land of Puglia. All the incredible scent of our extraordinary land of Puglia in each single, small and delicious taste. A riot of perfectly balanced aromas and sweetness, rounded, very pleasant and, in our opinion, irresistible. 

An irresistible glaze with excellent Apulian lemon

At the basis of the originality of the Apulian glazed taralli La Terra di Puglia we certainly find the extraordinary Apulian lemons which give a unique aroma to the glaze that covers them. A creamy, delicate icing, very pleasant under the teeth, fresh and not at all cloying, which we have developed following countless tests, attempts and tastings.

Puglia is a land of large citrus fruits which find an ideal habitat in the area to grow and give life to ripe, juicy and flavourful fruits. Lemons, in particular, have nothing to envy of Sicilian lemons, and are pulpy, slightly pungent, pleasantly aromatic, even sugary in their own way. A mix of scents that makes them perfect to be the protagonists of a frosting that is nothing short of delicious.

Why keep glazed sweet taralli in the pantry

If savory taralli are a truly unmissable "must" when it comes to snacks to munch on as an aperitif, at school or at work, sweet taralli are definitely no different. They are a master key capable of giving a small moment of pleasure at any time of the day. Sweet enough, they are very pleasant due to the presence of the sugary lemon icing which makes them decidedly special. These sweet Apulian taralli are perfect to open when a visitor arrives for a coffee, or if we in turn are invited to dinner and don't know what to bring. They are also perfect to keep in the pantry to enjoy a sweet break during a long day of studying or working. And, why not, they are ideal for after dinner on the sofa, when the desire for a small, not too demanding sweet taste makes itself felt perhaps while watching a film.

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