Taralli with dried tomatoes

Taralli with dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes are a well-known and much-loved product throughout Italy. They are produced throughout southern Italy and in abundance in Puglia, where the hot and intense sun that shines in the region every summer allows us to obtain a truly unique range of dried vegetables. And with the best dried tomatoes produced especially for the occasion, today La Terra di Puglia produces - as always by hand - the best Apulian taralli with dried tomatoes that you can try. Put us to the test: right from the first taste you will be able to perceive all the intensity of these tomatoes kissed by the warm Apulian sun, combined with the fragrance of a baked product in the production of which Puglia truly has no rivals.


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Contains sulfites
TYPE 0 and 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, extra virgin olive oil 8%, high oleic sunflower seed vegetable oil, dried tomatoes 5%, onion flakes 1%, salt
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

The tradition of dried tomatoes in Puglia

Puglia is the first region in Italy for the production of tomatoes. It is no coincidence that when the season of fresh tomatoes and tomato puree approaches, there are many companies involved in transforming the product for the large-scale distribution who order large quantities of fresh tomatoes from Puglia. And if the green gold of Puglia is the extra virgin olive oil, the red gold is instead the tomato. With tomatoes, in Puglia, delicious tomato purées of various kinds are produced, as well as sauced and peeled tomatoes, but also ready-made sauces. And then, of course, the inevitable and very famous sun-dried tomatoes.

How dried tomatoes are made

Dried tomatoes are produced so simply and with very few simple ingredients: tomatoes, a little salt and lots and lots of hot sun. Like the one that shines non-stop for many months of the year in the land of Puglia. Here, expert farmers spread out immense frames covered with halved long tomatoes in full sun for a few days. A little salt, a little patience, and the dried tomatoes are ready to travel to your tables. Or to become protagonists of other gastronomic preparations. Like these Apulian taralli, for example.

What are the best Apulian taralli?

Our customers particularly love the Apulian taralli that La Terra di Puglia prepares and packages with skill and love. Among the most loved are these taralli with dried tomatoes. The craftsmanship is felt right from the first taste, the fragrance is unique, and that unique flavor of dried tomatoes is truly capable of conquering even the most demanding palates. In fact, dried tomatoes manage to give the tarallini a sweet, delicate, round, aromatic, truly irresistible flavour. Not surprisingly, one leads to another. So if you are wondering which are the best Apulian taralli, we could perhaps hypothesize that the best are the taralli with dried tomatoes from La Terra di Puglia. But you will be the one to tell us what you think.

Apulian Taralli shop online: The Land of Puglia is at your disposal

La Terra di Puglia is a rich online shop of typical Apulian products. It was born from the desire and desire of its founders to make available to those who live far from Puglia everything that the region has to offer from a food and wine point of view. In fact, it is not always easy to find original and authentic Apulian products outside the region. At the large supermarket chains, on the contrary, you can really find everything, but not always in the authentic form that we like. Let's take the taralli for example: the original Apulian taralli are made in Puglia with original, local and genuine raw materials and according to an ancient recipe that includes - just think - even boiling in water. Between raw materials and processing times, the final cost would not be sustainable for the large-scale distribution. That's why even if the product you find at the GDO is pleasant, it can never be authentic. Instead, the land of Puglia has chosen to focus on the research of raw materials and on the conservation of traditional production techniques, certainly producing lower volumes of products, but of higher quality. Moreover, we remind you that La Terra di Puglia is also available for the online sale of typical Apulian wholesale products. Therefore, if you have a point of sale of regional food and wine products in your city, we will be happy to send you our price list for merchants. Having said that, you just have to taste our taralli with dried tomatoes and let us know if you feel the authentic taste of Puglia or not!

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