The flavors of the Apulian Sunday

The flavors of the Apulian Sunday

A gift box with some products that represent the tradition of a Puglian Sunday, particularly orecchiette with turnip tops and a selection of sweet products like pitteddhe, sweet taralli, and fig jam. The essential artisan Puglian taralli are included. The box is completed with an award-winning wine.


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Gift Box with Flavors of Puglia

The Puglian Sunday comes to life with this extraordinary gift box filled with delights to offer to your loved ones. Why do we talk about Puglian Sunday? Because Sunday is the day when everyone has more time to dedicate to conviviality and the pleasure of being together. It is the ideal moment to cook tasty dishes with attention to detail. It's known that time and love in the kitchen are essential ingredients.

With Puglian Flavors, You Can Never Go Wrong

A Puglian Sunday is the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in the flavors of Puglia, a region rich in unique culinary traditions. From fine olive oil to handmade orecchiette, the typical dishes reflect the authenticity and passion of this land. For those who wish to bring a piece of this experience home or give a special gift, the Puglian flavors gift box is the ideal choice. This box contains a selection of authentic products, capable of reviving the emotions and flavors of Puglia, even from a distance.

What is Eaten on Sunday in Puglia?

Sunday in Puglia is a day dedicated to family and good food, with rich and tasty dishes that reflect the culinary tradition of the region. Among the main courses, you can find orecchiette with turnip tops or with ragù, a timeless classic. Often, the meal starts with a plentiful appetizer composed of local cheeses, cold cuts, and Puglian pickles. The main course may include the famous oven-baked lamb with potatoes or braised veal. To accompany these dishes, Puglian bread is indispensable, but also tarallini and friselle. The meal concludes with typical sweets like cartellate or pasticciotti, together with a glass of local wine, such as Primitivo di Manduria or Negroamaro.

The Perfect Gift Idea

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, the gift boxes with flavors of Puglia are perfect. These Smartbox-type boxes include a variety of authentic products, like gift packs filled with regional delicacies. Among the experience boxes, the travel gift box is ideal for those who wish to explore Puglia through its flavors. The gift idea boxes are versatile and suitable for any occasion, offering an unforgettable culinary experience. Choose between holiday gift boxes and grand gift boxes to make a present that will leave an indelible memory.

In short, these gift boxes not only bring the flavors of Puglia to your home but also offer a travel experience through the traditional cuisine of the region. Perfect for any occasion, they are a testament to the culinary richness of Puglia and the pleasure of sharing a meal in good company.

Box contents

  • Red wine Metiusco, Negramaro or Primitivo 75cl
  • Semolina or wheat orecchiette 500g
  • Classic tarallini 200g
  • Sweet taralli 200g
  • Grape or fig pitteddhe 225g
  • Turnip tops cream 180g
  • Fig or quince jam approximately 200g

Transportation advice

This type of box set can be placed inside other boxes for transport, we have two types of boxes, which can also be prepared as gift boxes, as in the photo. You must select the option during the purchase. Two (small box) or three (large box) caskets can be placed inside these boxes.


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