Mini gastronomic kit taralli and green olives

Mini gastronomic kit taralli and green olives

Explore the authenticity of Puglia with our gastronomic kit. It includes a pack of crunchy and fragrant taralli, prepared according to the traditional recipe, and a jar of Bella di Cerignola olives, known for their size and unique flavor. All are packaged in an elegant and sustainable cardboard handbag, perfect as a gift too. Bring home the genuine flavors of Puglia!


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Discover the Puglian Gastronomic Kit: A Journey of Authentic Flavors

Welcome to the heart of Puglia with our exclusive gastronomic kit, perfectly packaged in a charming cardboard handbag. This kit represents the essence of the authentic and genuine flavors of this wonderful Italian region, ready to delight your palate or become a perfect gift for lovers of good food.

What Will You Find in Our Kit?

  1. A Pack of Taralli: Taralli are one of the emblematic products of Puglian tradition. Crunchy, fragrant, and irresistibly tasty, our taralli are prepared according to the traditional recipe, using only high-quality ingredients. Perfect to enjoy as a snack or appetizer, they will bring a touch of Puglia to every bite.

  2. A Jar of Bella di Cerignola Olives: Directly from the Puglian olive groves, Bella di Cerignola olives are known and appreciated for their large size and unique flavor. Our jar of olives is a burst of taste: meaty, flavorful, and carefully marinated to maintain their freshness. Ideal as an appetizer, in salads, or simply enjoyed on their own.

The Packaging: An Explosion of Style and Sustainability

Our cardboard handbag is not just an elegant container but also a tribute to sustainability. Made with recyclable materials, it is perfect for transporting and storing the products practically and environmentally friendly. The refined design also makes it a perfect gift idea, ready to be given.

Why Choose Our Kit?

  • Authenticity: Each product is carefully selected to offer you an authentic experience of Puglian flavors.
  • Quality: We use only top-quality ingredients to ensure incomparable taste and freshness.
  • Elegance: The cardboard handbag adds a touch of class and sustainability to your gastronomic experience.

Bring home a piece of Puglia with our gastronomic kit, a perfect combination of tradition, taste, and style. Perfect for any occasion, it is an invitation to discover and love the culinary wonders of a land rich in history and passion.

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