Tomato orecchiette Mini Kit

Tomato orecchiette Mini Kit

A veritable 'starter kit' for lovers of Apulian food, which inside the beautiful bag signed LaTerradiPuglia welcomes two great family Sunday classics: artisanal orecchiette and fresh tomato puree. A perfect combination that tells us a story of great simplicity, of craftsmanship, but also of a desire to return to the origins. If you have the need or the desire to give a gift, this Mini Kit is a choice that makes simplicity its winning key.


Quantity available: 100

DIY gifts, ideas to copy

Handmade gifts bring with them a touch of warmth and originality that makes them truly special. Whether you are creating a unique work of art or preparing a delicious culinary treat, a homemade gift is a tangible expression of affection and care. The options are endless: you can create customised jewellery, paint a picture, make a photo album or pack a basket of gourmet goodies prepared by you. Besides being a way to save money, giving something made with your own hands adds a sentimental value that goes beyond its material cost.

Thus, we created the 'Orecchiette al Pomodoro' Mini Kit 

LaTerradiPuglia is inspired by the idea of DIY gifts and provides you with fun cardboard bags to fill with two products of your taste. Some of them we made for you: the "Orecchiette al Pomodoro" Mini Kit is a fun, simple but at the same time sophisticated little gift for those who want to give something really special. Something that tastes of Apulia, without indulging in the search for overly special gourmet flavours, but on the contrary in the desire to offer a pampering for the palate that really tastes of home.

Mini 'Orecchiette al Pomodoro' kit: little expense, maximum yield

Who said that with a small budget it is not possible to make a nice gift? LaTerradiPuglia has found the solution to this little dilemma for you. It has packed a beautiful, well-made and finely decorated bag of sturdy cardboard and filled it with the ABC of Apulian gastronomy: orecchiette al pomodoro.

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