Bag for Mini Kit

Bag for Mini Kit

La Terra di Puglia "Mini Kit" gift idea, is an easy and imaginative way to put together a very small selection of classic Apulian products to be given as gifts. It is the ideal solution for your do-it-yourself gastronomic gifts, with a limited budget but still of great quality and aesthetic appeal. That's why LaTerradiPuglia has conceived this elegant bag for you - sturdy and well finished, capable of holding two products of your choice. Draw from our vast catalogue of typical Apulian products and compose your own DIY tasting gift. Easy, creative and fun!


Quantity available: 499
Laterradipuglia Mini Kit

Gifting Apulian specialties has never been so easy and fun!

The bag made of sturdy biodegradable cardboard features a pretty Apulian-themed pattern and is perfect for gifting anyone you like with two typical Apulian products of your choice. We will deliver it separately wrapped so that it will not be damaged, together with a cute sticker perfect for completing the packaging of your gift by sealing the top handles. Together with the pre-assembled bag, of course, you will also receive the products of your choice for your DIY gift idea. Remember: each bag can contain a maximum of two products (friselline, sweet or savoury taralli, paté, sottoli).

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