Mini kit taralli and Leccine olives

Mini kit taralli and Leccine olives

The Mini Kit taralli e olive leccine is a small but elegant gift idea containing two typical Apulian products of great quality: our taralli, fragrant and tasty, and our olives leccine, strictly pitted. A perfect combination for an aperitif or for any time of day, perfect to give as a gift in its elegant cardboard box which, we remind you, you can also buy empty.


Quantity available: 99
Laterradipuglia Mini Kit

With LaTerradiPuglia's Mini Kits, make inexpensive, discreet, manageable and high-quality gifts

LaTerradiPuglia has developed Mini Kits for you, small, compact and elegant solutions designed to meet different needs. The first is certainly that of the budget: with LaTerradiPuglia you can make a small, discreet gift, spending the right amount and still making a good impression. The second is that of discretion: the relationships we have with acquaintances or colleagues do not always lead us to expose ourselves with important gifts. But the desire is still to offer a present that is appreciated and leaves a mark. The third, is that of originality and style under the sign of manageability: the bag that LaTerradiPuglia proposes is beautiful to look at, robust, and practical to carry. Equipped with sturdy handles, it doesn't take up too much space and you can even take it with you on a trip or a trip away from home, on your way to a business meeting or a dinner you don't want to go to empty-handed. Last but not least, the products LaTerradiPuglia offers are of superior quality, excellent and tasty as never before, made from quality raw materials that cannot be found in large-scale distribution and are loved by the most demanding palates.

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