"Survival Kit" box set from Puglia

"Survival Kit" box set from Puglia

Christmas gifts are traditional presents exchanged during the holiday season, symbolizing affection and generosity. Originating from ancient Rome, where laurel branches were given as a wish for prosperity, today these gifts include a wide range of items, from baskets of fine food products to handcrafted objects. This tradition perpetuates the Christmas spirit, promoting sharing and bonding among people.

La Terra di Puglia is inspired by this tradition and offers you this Christmas gift set composed of a selection of typical Apulian products, perfect to combine skillfully to create a decidedly delicious convivial moment.


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From the Ancient Christmas Gift to the Contemporary Present

La Terra di Puglia has drawn inspiration from the concept of Christmas gifts to create a mixed product kit that somehow represents the essence of the Apulian convivial moment.

So, in the Christmas basket you will find:

  • Orecchiette, tomato sauce, and olive oil, perfect for making a classic Apulian first course
  • A mix of products perfect for serving a wonderful, authentically Apulian appetizer

Apulian Christmas Gifts: A Perfect "Survival Kit" to Give

A small but precious "survival kit" for the true lover of Puglia. Wine, olive oil, friselline, sliced eggplants: a treasure chest of delights to give. We like to call it a "survival kit" because it's perfect for making a first course as well as a small but delicious appetizer in full Apulian style, even when the pantry offers nothing else.

Here’s what it contains:

  • 250ml Extra virgin olive oil
  • 500g Semolina orecchiette
  • 200g Friselline with extra virgin olive oil
  • 200g Classic artisanal tarallini
  • 180g Spicy chili pepper cream
  • 180g Paté of Leccine black olives
  • 420g Artisanal tomato sauce

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We have two types of boxes for the Christmas gifts, large and small. The box will be delivered this way, containing the products from each package or chosen box, and the box for this kit is SMALL.

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