Fava cuccia of Zollino

Fava cuccia shelled of Zollino

Broad beans are one of the most loved legumes by the Apulians and have, without any doubt, a leading role in regional gastronomy. These are the beans used to create the famous puree, usually served with chicory.


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Calò e Monte legumi di Zollino

Beans are a very popular and popular legume throughout the Puglia region. A region where legumes are typically cooked, served and enjoyed. Among these, the cannellini beans, very popular with mussels, lentils, delicious with a drizzle of Apulian oil and, last but not least, the broad beans, protagonists of the delicious recipe “mashed beans with chicory”.

In addition, as you all know, legumes have extraordinary beneficial properties: they promote the work of the intestine, have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, help the cardiovascular system to stay healthy and fit, and much more. other.

In short, flavor and health at the table thanks to typical Apulian products, with particular reference, in this case, to beans. Also, be aware that the beans that you can buy on this page are great for bringing mashed potatoes to life because they are peeled. All you have to do is soak them overnight, then the next day cook them in water with the flavors you prefer. In lower Salento, bean puree is made with beans only, but if you move to Val d'Itria you will also find that a potato is added as well. It depends on your taste and the type of body you want to give your mashed beans. Also with regard to chicory, you can assess whether to use cultivated or wild chicory.