Fava cuccia of Zollino

Fava cuccia shelled of Zollino

Calò&Monte adopts a sustainable approach that values crop quality. Their fava sgusciata cuccia is perfect for pureed fava beans with chicory, a traditional Puglian dish. This legume has extraordinary health benefits, promoting intestinal and cardiovascular health. Try the cooked fava recipe for an authentic and healthy culinary experience.



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Calò e Monte legumi di Zollino

The Quality of Calò&Monte Legumes

Calò&Monte adopts an approach that values sustainability and the quality of its crops, respecting the environment and local traditions. The production area is carefully chosen to ensure optimal conditions for the growth of legumes. The raw materials are carefully selected, using local seeds and cultivation techniques that preserve biodiversity. This commitment is reflected in all their products, such as the fava sgusciata cuccia, a versatile and nutritious legume.

Fava Beans in Puglian Cuisine

Fava beans are a much-loved and appreciated legume throughout the Puglia region. A region where legumes are commonly cooked, served, and enjoyed. Among these, cannellini beans are highly appreciated with mussels, lentils are delicious with a drizzle of Puglian oil, and not least, fava beans are the stars of the delicious cuccia recipe "pureed fava beans with chicory." This typical dish is a perfect example of how fava beans can be transformed into a tasty and healthy meal.

Benefits of Legumes

As everyone knows, legumes have extraordinary health benefits: they promote intestinal function, have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, help the cardiovascular system stay healthy and in shape, and many more. Regular consumption of legumes like yellow fava beans contributes to a balanced and nutritious diet, improving overall well-being.

Preparing Cooked Fava Beans

The fava beans you can purchase on this page are perfect for making puree, as they are skinless. All you need to do is soak them overnight and then cook them in water with your preferred seasonings the next day. In the lower Salento region, fava bean puree is made with only fava beans, but if you go to the Itria Valley, you will find that a potato is also added. It depends on your taste and the type of texture you want for your fava bean puree. For chicory, you can choose between cultivated or wild varieties.

Flavor and Health at the Table

In short, flavor and health at the table thanks to typical Puglian products, with particular reference in this case to fava beans. Try the cooked fava recipe for a tasty and nutritious variant, or experiment with cooked fava beans to discover new preparation methods. Thanks to Calò&Monte legumes, you can bring genuine and rich traditional dishes to your table, perfect for any occasion.