Cece nero pugliese

Apulian black chickpea

Calò&Monte adopts a sustainable approach, carefully selecting production areas to ensure quality crops. The black chickpea from Zollino, produced according to integrated agriculture principles, offers an intense flavor and rich nutritional values, including vitamins B, E, K, C, and iron. Ideal in soups, purees, or as a creative side dish, it is a versatile and healthy legume.

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Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
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400 gr
100% ceci
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Calò e Monte legumi di Zollino

Calò&Monte and the Production of Legumes

Calò&Monte adopts an approach that values sustainability and the quality of its crops, respecting the environment and local traditions. The production area is carefully chosen to ensure optimal conditions for the growth of legumes. The raw materials are selected with attention, using local seeds and cultivation techniques that preserve biodiversity.

Calò&Monte's Production Process

The production process is crucial for Calò&Monte, strictly following the guidelines of integrated agriculture. This involves the use of agricultural practices that reduce environmental impact, promote soil fertility, and ensure plant health. The adoption of crop rotation techniques, the use of natural fertilizers, and careful management of water resources are integral parts of this approach.

The Black Chickpea: An Excellent Local Legume

The black chickpea is a typical legume from the Zollino area, produced according to the principles of integrated agriculture. It is a local product, typical, healthy, and safe, which we proudly offer you. The taste of black chickpeas is strong and intense, while their nutritional values are excellent: they contain vitamins B, E, K, and C, as well as a lot of iron. They are also particularly rich in fiber.

The black chickpea is ideal for those who love a more rustic and intense flavor compared to traditional chickpeas, for those who want a change, and for those on a diet, as a good plate of black chickpeas is filling without being fattening.

How to Enjoy Black Chickpeas

How to enjoy them: in soups alone or mixed with other legumes, in creamy soups, as side dishes in creative dishes with meat or fish.

Nutritional Values of Black Chickpeas

Black chickpeas are a true concentration of health. In addition to vitamins B, E, K, and C, these legumes are an excellent source of iron and fiber. These nutrients make black chickpeas not only a versatile ingredient in the kitchen but also a valuable ally for a balanced diet.

Black Chickpea Recipes

If you're looking for ideas to use black chickpeas in the kitchen, here are some suggestions:

  • Black chickpeas in rustic soups, perhaps combined with other legumes for a rich and hearty dish.
  • Creamy soups of black chickpeas, perfect for a light but nutritious dinner.
  • Side dishes of black chickpeas for meat or fish dishes, adding a creative and tasty touch.

In conclusion, Calò&Monte not only produces high-quality legumes but also promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The black chickpea, with its unique taste and nutritional properties, best represents this commitment.

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