Pignata di terracotta, tegame da fuoco

"Pignata" clay pot

The Pignata is a pot used for the long cooking of legumes, such as chickpeas, lentils and beans. Especially used near fire. The measure available here is 20cm (excluding lid), at the bottom you will find the actual measures.


Quantity available: 10

It is a guaranteed long life pot, dishwasher safe and lead free.

IMPORTANT: only for the first time leave it to soak for 12 hours in water. Cracking of the enamel is normal and does not affect use. Avoid thermal shocks.

Has been producing handcrafted terracotta and majolica in Cutrofiano (LE) since 1650. The quality of the products that the company still offers today is the one that has been handed down from father to son from generation to generation: a passion that, remaining unchanged with passing of time, has given life to unique products - both crockery and ovenproof dishes - known and recognizable for their charm with an ancient flavor, their quality and their resistance. Even today, terracotta is ideal for a natural cuisine, capable of keeping the original flavors of the raw materials intact, perfect for long and delicate cooking, and to bring to the table, in addition to so much goodness, a beauty that never goes out of style. fashion.

Measurements of the terracotta Pignata

  • Height without lid about cm. 20/21 cm
  • Mouth width about cm. 11
  • Pot width without handles approx. Cm. 16/17
  • Maximum circumference about 45cm
  • Lid height about 4 cm to add to the height of 20cm of the piñata

Lead-free oven dishes

We have selected new glazes totally free from heavy metals which means the total absence of lead in our oven dishes. "Long life oven dishes" is the brand that distinguishes and guarantees a healthier cuisine. Constant study and continuous updating are the basis of the technical innovations that increase the resistance of our dishes in contact with heat sources and improve the counteracting the absorption of odors.

The certifications

With a view to developing and researching an ever-increasing value, the Company decides to certify the environmental quality of its business.
The company is committed to its territory, and does so by obtaining the ISO 14001: 2004 certification. The certification of the environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard is a voluntary recognition, and has the purpose of providing, both to its organization and to the macro-environment, the guarantee and peace of mind that the problems concerning pollution, related to its activities, are under control and that the environmental performance is always monitored and in compliance with mandatory environmental legislation. Obtaining the certification is a sign of trust in an attentive clientele, who reads attention to the environment as a qualifying element compared to the competition.

Quality marks

More than twice as resistant as normal ceramics, dishwasher safe, non-toxic, can be used in the microwave oven.
The tests conducted indicate even after numerous washing cycles of 16 hours at 78 °, with aggressive detergents, no loss of gloss was found.
In the impact resistance tests conducted with a ball of 50 gr. has shown excellent resistance in casts from the maximum allowed height (90 cm.) against normal clays which already at 50 cm. showed cracks in the enamel and complete rupture with 65 cm throws.

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