Panettone artigianale arancio e cedro

Artisanal Colomba with Raisins

When the skill of the best Salento pastry chefs meets the best raw materials of the area, it's immediately a party. So celebrate Easter with this handcrafted dove made irresistible by all the aromatic and enveloping scent of delicious sultana raisins. Spring flavors perfect for a sweet Holy Easter.



750 gr
Forno Preite Biscotti

A delicious handcrafted colomba perfect to unwrap and enjoy with friends at Holy Easter. The best raw materials processed with great care and love, for a product as soft and light as ever. Sweet to the right point, it is made tasty and aromatic by the presence of the best sultanas, pulpy, indulgent and fragrant as never before. 

An Apulian sweet that is good to buy for itself but also perfect as a gift idea.  

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