Oil flavored with whole oranges

Oil flavored with whole oranges

Seasoning made from whole olives and oranges is much more than just a flavoured oil. It is a product that really has no equal: fresh, intense, tasty and vibrant, it brings to the table all the essence of what mother nature has to offer. Citrus fruit lovers will not be able to resist it. At the base of the dressing are only olives and ripe, pulpy and fragrant oranges, as well as being rich in valuable nutrients. Zero chemicals, zero artificial flavours, but all the pulp of olives and oranges, in a true elixir of flavour, energy and well-being, drop by drop.

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Foresta Forte olio extravergine salento

Dressing made with olives and whole oranges

Olive and whole orange relish is a unique elixir of flavour and energy. For its preparation, the best olives have been selected as well as the best oranges at their peak of ripeness. The result is a veritable nectar of flavour: intense, fragrant, aromatic, delicious as never before. Also from an organoleptic point of view, it is a rich and complete product, perfect for filling up on antioxidants that are precious for the health of the cardiovascular system.

How to use olive and whole orange dressing

. Olive and whole-orange dressing has many uses in the kitchen. It is fabulous on toasted bread bruschetta, to dress a simple fennel salad or mixed salad, to add zest to grilled or steamed fish, but also to grilled meat. Those on a low-salt diet will find in this orange seasoning the right boost of flavour needed to compensate for the absence of salt. Pastry lovers will be happy to add a few drops to their leavened pastries or shortcrust pastries, in place of artificial flavourings that are certainly less heady and less healthy.

Olive olive and whole orange seasoning, information

. The olive and whole lemon seasoning consists of 80 per cent olives and 20 per cent whole oranges.