Oil flavored with whole lemons

Oil flavored with whole lemons

Dressing made from whole olives and lemons is much more than just a flavoured oil. It is a complete, rich and intense product, free of artificial flavours or colouring agents, obtained exactly and exclusively from what mother nature offers: the best olives that our land provides year after year, and the delicious Mediterranean lemons: ripe, juicy, pulpy as never before. Lemons with a fresh, crisp, intense and mouth-watering aroma like never before.

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Foresta Forte olio extravergine salento

The dressing presented on this page is an extraordinarily fragrant and flavoursome product that allows you to bring all the essence of Mediterranean flavours to the table with panache and imagination. It is obtained by cold-pressing the best olives of the moment, so as to obtain an excellent olive nectar, fragrant and tasty, as well as extremely beneficial and healthy for our organism. The pressing of the olives is combined with the pressing of whole lemons, so that all the lemon essence, natural aroma, fragrance and of course the amazing nutritional properties present in this delicious citrus fruit blend perfectly with the fresh olive nectar. The result is a unique seasoning: a tasty and versatile oil that is certainly a cut above the artificially flavoured oils often found in grocery shops.

How to use olive and whole lemon seasoning

. Olive and whole lemon dressing is a tasty and versatile product that can really be used in a thousand different ways. It is excellent raw on mixed salads, greens or in place of any citronette on grilled or steamed fish or meat. It emphasises and enhances most traditional Mediterranean dishes and is also perfect for hot preparations. Lovers of leavened cakes or pastries with lemon will be happy to know that this product also has an application in confectionery.

Lemon olive and whole lemon seasoning, information

. Olive and whole lemon seasoning consists of 80 per cent olives and 20 per cent whole lemons.