Olio extravergine Ciaurro

Olio extravergine Ciaurro

A fine oil characterized by a leaf green tone. Its fruity scent is of medium intensity, enriched by delicate floral and herbaceous nuances. Tasting it, there is a pleasant combination of bitterness and spiciness, both of moderate intensity, creating a harmonious balance. Notes of almond, artichoke, unripe tomato and aromatic herbs also emerge, giving the palate a variety of distinct flavors.

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Varietà di olive

A fine oil with an intense leaf green colour, characterized by a medium intensity fruity scent, enriched by delicate floral and herbaceous tones. On the palate, it manifests itself with a balanced combination of medium intensity bitterness and spiciness, revealing nuances of almond, artichoke, unripe tomato and aromatic herbs.

Ciaurro extra virgin olive oil

To best preserve its qualities, we recommend storing it in a dry and cool environment, maintaining an approximate temperature between 14° and 18°, away from direct light and heat sources. After opening, it is advisable to carefully close the package with the cap after each use.

Picholine extra virgin olive oil

Any sediment or suspended particles present are the result of the natural composition of the product and do not compromise its quality. The date indicated on the bottle refers to the product correctly stored, in its intact packaging. This date represents a recommended consumption date to fully appreciate all its sensorial characteristics. After this period, the oil can still be used without health risks, as it will not become harmful, but may simply lose slightly the intensity and fragrance of the flavors and aromas. This is due to the natural essence of extra virgin olive oil, an absolutely natural product.

Energy and nutritional values

Average values per 100ml of oil

Energy kj 3,404 kcal 852; Fat 92g of which saturated 14g; unsaturated 69g, polyunsaturated 9g;

Carbohydrates 0g; sugars 0g; protein 0g; salt 0g.