POLIGNANO Tasting Gift Box

POLIGNANO Tasting Gift Box

A gift box filled with delicious Apulian treats: many classics of regional gastronomy, with a touch of character and a moment of sweetness. That's why jam and almond-stuffed dried figs could not be missing. Only for discerning palates. A tasting box with both sweet and savory products, perfect to give at any time of the year.


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Laterradipuglia Regalistica

Tasting gift box

La Terra di Puglia has created a gift box for you featuring a tasting of wines and typical products, a mix designed to amaze, pamper, and satisfy any palate. Many types of products are contained in the tasting gift box: from the classic Apulian orecchiette to the high-quality olive oil, to the most unusual and delicious preserves and pickles. A well-balanced solution designed to impress the recipient.

Box regalo dedicated to Polignano a Mare

Unforgotten and unforgettable, Polignano is known to many for being the birthplace of Domenico Modugno. More recently, it has been the setting for both Italian and international film productions. Polignano a Mare also offers a postcard-perfect backdrop for lovers of romantic landscapes, who will certainly not be disappointed. We were inspired by the magical atmosphere of this symbolic city of Apulia to create this tasting box of wines and typical products. Let's discover it below.

Details of the contents of the gift boxes wine tasting + typical Polignano products

Many Apulian classics, with a touch of character and a moment of sweetness. Ricotta forte, almond-stuffed dried figs, but also the classic sweet and savory tarallini. In Apulia, it’s not Sunday without homemade pasta with a generous tomato sauce flavored with ricotta forte. So, make way for Apulian pasta and a good homemade tomato sauce.

  1. Extra virgin organic olive oil 250ml
  2. Orecchiette Cappelli wheat 500g
  3. Negroamaro Salento IGP red wine 75cl
  4. Fig / grape / quince jam 200g
  5. Friselline with extra virgin olive oil 225g
  6. Sweet tarallini with Primitivo wine 225g
  7. Classic artisanal tarallini 250g
  8. Artisanal purée 420g
  9. Sun-dried tomatoes in oil 280g
  10. Fennel carpaccio 230g
  11. Sliced eggplants 230g
  12. Black Celline olive pâté 180g
  13. Artisanal pumo approximately 8 cm
  14. Dried figs with almonds 48g

For each tasting gift box shipped individually, you need to make separate purchases, whereas if you need to buy multiple tasting boxes to be received at your home, a single purchase is sufficient.

We have two types of boxes for the wine and typical Apulian products tasting gift sets, large and small. The box will be delivered this way, with the products of each package or chosen inside. The box for this set is SMALL.

Catalog dedicated to wine and typical products tasting gift boxes for businesses

If you are a business and interested in a quote for multiple tasting and gourmet gift boxes, contact us.

** It may happen that a product from the wine and gastronomic products tasting gift boxes is replaced with a similar one of equal value.

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