Puntarelle alla crudaiola

Puntarelle alla crudaiola, in oil

Puntarelle alla crudaiola, made from Catalonian chicory, are soaked in a special vinegar marinade that enhances their unique taste. Ideal as a side dish for meat and fish, or added to salads for a crunchy touch. Puntarelle are also perfect in gourmet sandwiches or on pizza. Experience puntarelle both raw and cooked for a variety of irresistible flavors!

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Cicoria “Cichorium intybus L.” (61%), olio di semi di girasole, olio extra vergine di oliva, aceto di mele, zucchero, sale integrale, succo di limone.
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Puntarelle alla Crudaiola: What You Need to Know

Puntarelle are the delicious shoots of Catalonian chicory, also known as Galatina chicory. These shoots are picked and separated one by one, then soaked in a special vinegar-based marinade, and finally lovingly jarred by our staff. The chicory that gives puntarelle is particularly appreciated for its unique flavor and crunchiness.

La Terra di Puglia has selected this product for you to enhance your meat or fish-based meals, enrich your salads, or make your appetizers even tastier. Puntarelle di cicoria are versatile and can be used in many culinary preparations.

A salad of fresh puntarelle is delicious, but you can also create a crudaiola puntarelle salad by adding other crunchy ingredients such as fennel, carrots, seeds, cheese cubes, boiled eggs, or even chicken. For an even more flavorful option, prepare a chicken and puntarelle alla crudaiola salad!

Browsing through the crudaiola recipes you can find in cookbooks or online, you'll discover different versions: some use extra virgin olive oil, while others are lighter and more natural. We offer both, ready to satisfy every taste and desire.

How to Enjoy the Product

Puntarelle alla crudaiola in oil presented on this page are excellent:

  • on their own as a side dish, alongside steamed meat or fish
  • added to chicken, potato, pasta, or rice salads
  • on pizza
  • in your gourmet sandwiches

Puntarelle are incredibly versatile. You can enjoy them raw to fully appreciate their crunchiness and freshness, or you can try cooked puntarelle for a softer, more enveloping flavor.

Cooked or raw puntarelle? The choice depends on your personal taste. Baked puntarelle are a delicious option, enhancing the chicory flavor with a light crunch. Add a puntarelle dressing made with oil, lemon, and anchovies for a perfect dish. If you prefer, you can also try them in oil for longer preservation and an intense flavor.

What are puntarelle? They are the inner shoots of Catalonian chicory, processed and prepared in various ways to enhance their taste and versatility. The puntarelle dressing varies depending on the recipes but will always enhance the unique flavor of these shoots.

With puntarelle di catalogna, you can create traditional dishes or experiment with new combinations. Puntarelle are a special ingredient that will enrich your cuisine with authentic and genuine flavors.

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