Mix latticini (mozzarella, burrata, treccia)

Dairy Mix: burrata, mozzarella, mozzarella plait, yogurt, mini balls of mozzarella cheese

Try our mix of fresh Puglian dairy products. Savor the creamy burrata, delicate primo sale, natural yogurt, soft stracciatella, traditional treccione, surprising mozzarella bomba, and delicious bocconcini. Each product is lovingly made by Caseificio Arcudi, ensuring quality and freshness. Perfect for a complete taste of Puglian cheese-making tradition!



Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
Latte, acido citrico, caglio, sale.
Short production line / 0 Km
Caseificio Arcudi

The Mix of Fresh Dairy Products from Puglia

The Mix of fresh dairy products we offer allows you to taste the best of Puglian dairy production. With this small MIX, you can enjoy the quality of the products at an affordable price. ATTENTION: shipping will take place on Tuesday or Wednesday. The estimated delivery time is 1-2 days. We will not be held responsible if, due to problems not dependent on us (absence at home, strikes, etc.), the product is delivered late. We will not resend or refund the fresh product. You can choose a fast shipping with DHL, but we cannot guarantee that, due to courier issues, the delivery will be on time. It is important to collect the order even if delivered late; any return costs may be charged.

Traditional Production and Processing

The contents of the package are produced and processed by Caseificio Arcudi, which still works according to the ancient cheese-making techniques. These techniques have made and continue to make these products loved and envied worldwide. Notably, the Arcudi dairy farm and agricultural company manage the entire production chain, from feed cultivation to milk production, and finally to transformation and processing.

The Freshness of Puglian Dairy Products

With this formula, we allow you to bring all the freshness of these amazing Puglian dairy products to your table. An irresistible mix that gives you a taste of a bit of everything.

Package Contents

In this MIX, you will find:

  • 1 Treccione 1 Kg
  • 1 Mozzarella BOMBA 1 Kg
  • 2 burrate 1.1 Kg
  • 1 primo sale 400 gr
  • 1 yogurt 500 gr
  • 1 stracciatella 300 gr
  • 10 bocconcini 250 gr

Product Description

Treccione 1 Kg

A beautiful piece of braid about 1 Kg that stands out in a Puglian evening. It is a fresh stretched curd cheese, made with cow's milk. The taste of this braid is delicate and savory at the same time, its texture is pleasantly elastic. You’ll want to eat it with your hands!


Two pieces of burrata for a total of about 1.1 Kg. A classic Puglian product envied worldwide! It is a stretched curd dairy product, with a shell of stretched curd made of cow's milk, inside which there is a creamy and irresistible heart of fresh cream and delicate mozzarella strips. Impossible to describe, you have to taste it!


Ten pieces of bocconcini for a total of about 250 gr. Small and delicious mozzarella bites perfect for any occasion.

Natural White Yogurt

A jar of yogurt 500 gr. Nothing better than delicious fresh yogurt to start the day or for a mid-day break. Our yogurt is made with excellent fresh milk of the day and seasonal fruit. Enjoy it as it is or use it as an ingredient for your homemade desserts; or add fresh fruit chunks, muesli, cereals, or anything you like!

Primo Sale

Two pieces of primo sale for a total of about 800 gr. With a fresh and delicate taste, it is a cheese with many nutritional benefits. Made with whole cow's milk, it is a fresh and very delicate cheese. Available with chili pepper, arugula, nuts, or plain.


A box of stracciatella about 300 gr. A fresh stretched curd cheese with cream and a soft, creamy texture. A delicate mixture of fresh cream and hand-shredded mozzarella. It is the creamy heart of burrata.

Mozzarella Bomba

A piece of Mozzarella Bomba about 1 Kg. A large fior di latte mozzarella similar to the Battipaglia mozzarella, called Zizzona. A fresh stretched curd cheese, made with cow's milk. The taste is delicate and savory at the same time, its texture is pleasantly elastic. You’ll want to eat it with your hands!

Dairy Shipping Abroad

This product is not shipped abroad. If you still wish to purchase it, we can arrange express shipping, which is fast but more expensive, available only in Europe. If interested, contact us.

These dairy products represent the excellence of Puglian dairy tradition, a mix that allows you to taste a bit of everything: from burrata to stracciatella, passing through Mozzarella Bomba and bocconcini. An unmissable opportunity to have the genuineness and goodness of Puglian products in your home.

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