Apulian cherry jam

Apulian cherry jam

The Apulian cherry jam is an authentically Apulian product coming from fresh local fruit harvested and processed on the same day. Try it on bread or use it to create stuffed shortbread or tarts!

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Cherry jam is a typically local product that is prepared every year in all Apulian homes. The cherries are ready and ripe between May and June and in addition to enjoying them at will by picking them directly from the tree, they are also used to prepare the famous cherry jam. Similarly to what happens in autumn with two other typical Apulian products, grape jam (also known as grape jam) and quince jam.

Homemade cherry jam, La Terra di Puglia prepares it for you

The homemade cherry jam is the one that La Terra di Puglia offers you on this page. A genuine, good product, prepared daily from freshly picked fresh cherries. Its authentic flavor, of fresh and fragrant fruit as if just picked, will captivate you.

Sugar-free cherry jam? No but....

If you love sugar-free cherry jam, this too will probably be to your taste. La Terra di Puglia cherry jam contains the right amount of sugar so as not to be too sweet but to let the taste of fruit emerge in all its genuineness.

From today, no more baked cherry jam or cherry jam with Fruttapec or Thermomix cherry jam or other more or less laborious procedures: just spend time removing the stalks by hand or pitting the cherries one by one! La Terra di Puglia thinks about it for you, and offers you a finished product of the highest quality, with an excellent balance between freshness and sweetness!

How to taste La Terra di Puglia cherry jam

A healthy, good, light product, to be enjoyed on bread or rusks. Or again, to be used to fill pies, pastatelle, pitteddhe or other sweets with shortcrust pastry!

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