Coratina monovarietal extra virgin olive oil

Coratina monovarietal extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil from the Coratina variety is an oil of great value, much requested, loved and appreciated by a wide range of customers. It is a decidedly excellent oil from a gustatory point of view as well as from that of its organoleptic properties. It satisfies and delights demanding palates, lovers of strong and blunt flavours.

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Foresta Forte olio extravergine salento

Extra virgin olive oil from Coratina cultivar

The Coratina olive variety owes its name to the city of Corato in Bari. In that area, in fact, this variety is very common, but it is also common throughout Puglia. It is a native Apulian variety, from which an exceptional oil has been obtained since time immemorial. A loved oil, requested and appreciated even outside the region.

Information on Coratina monocultivar oil

The olive oil produced from olives belonging to the Coratina variety is a tasty oil with character. It is spicy and intense and satisfies lovers of strong flavors without half measures. It gives the right boost and the right aromatic note to a wide range of dishes and goes very well with the great cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet and cuisine. Its flavor is spicy and bitter: these are not negative characteristics, but rather real pluses. The bitter and slightly pungent flavor is a sign of a high dose of polyphenols, antioxidants naturally present in the oil, perfect for pampering our cardiovascular system and keeping us away from the typical pathologies of advancing time.