Leccino monovarietal extra virgin olive oil

Leccino monovarietal extra virgin olive oil

Leccino monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is a superior quality olive oil with excellent organoleptic properties. In terms of flavor, it presents itself as a delicate and versatile oil, easily combined with different types of dishes. Also very popular with children.

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Leccino monovarietal extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil proposed on this page is an Apulian oil produced from olives belonging exclusively to the Leccino variety. It is a cultivar widely present in Puglia with particular reference to Salento. Leccine olives are used both for the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil and as table olives.

Information on Leccino extra virgin olive oil

As mentioned, Leccino extra virgin olive oil is an oil with a pleasant and well-balanced flavour. It is the perfect oil for every day, to keep in the pantry and to bring to the table. It lends itself well to being used both for different types of cooking and raw. Its flavor is pale and discreet, with hints of sweet almonds and a fruity aftertaste. It is not at all overwhelming and is an oil that usually satisfies all palates.

Its organoleptic properties and its high content of polyphenols make it a healthy food for the whole family. It is a real panacea for the cardiovascular system and for the good performance of many functions of our organism.