Handmade ceramic doll

Handmade ceramic doll

A beautiful handmade Apulian ceramic doll, tender and delicate like those of the past, perfect to be included in a collection of objects with a taste of yesteryear.



Origin area
Lecce / Salento
Handmade product
Short production line / 0 Km

What about this beautiful Apulian ceramic doll? It is the quintessence of elegance and delicacy, and is ready to come to life on a shelf at home or in the context of a collection of ceramic and terracotta objects from Puglia or from all over the world.

The Apulian ceramic doll is also a beautiful idea for a gift different from the usual, original and unconventional. A gift that will make you look good, very versatile, perfect for the most diverse occasions. The watchword is good taste!

Apulian ceramic works of art, unique objects

The object you are viewing is an object and a unique creation, for this reason each object created may differ slightly in some details, the photo is indicative and general and may not exactly identify the object. Craftsmanship and art make the difference and give value to every single one.

Apulian ceramics for sale online: availability and production times

The Apulian ceramic object you have chosen may not be immediately available and therefore it may happen that it has to be produced specifically for you. Generally, if you order a piece, waiting times are not long, while they lengthen if the order includes more pieces. In that case we advise you to order a little in advance. In any case, production and shipping take approximately 1 month. If you need to know the actual availability of your Apulian ceramic products for sale online on this site, we ask you to contact us.

Measures of the ceramic doll

Since the Apulian ceramic products are handmade one by one, it may happen that the measurements illustrated in the images do not exactly correspond to reality. However, the variability can be just a few centimeters.