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Tradition and Mastery in Terracotta Work

The De Donatis family's pottery workshop is one of the oldest in Italy, active since 1650. Salvino De Donatis is the last heir of this long line of ceramicists and, together with his children, still respects the tradition of craftsmanship of the artifacts, worked and decorated by hand. Every ceramic item produced in the workshop is a unique piece, created with passion and dedication. The skill in modeling the clay, combined with the creativity in decorations and colors, makes each piece a work of art.

Uniqueness and Tradition

The skill in modeling clay ensures that every item produced is unique in shapes, decorations, and color. The mix and combination of glazes is one of the many peculiarities passed down from father to son. This secret, jealously guarded for generations, allows the company to keep the tradition alive and highlight the art of ceramics. The workshop not only produces traditional items but also creates terracotta favors, Rutigliano whistles, and other handcrafted ceramic items.

Variety of Production

The range of products from the De Donatis workshop is wide and diverse. Among the terracotta items produced are pine cones and pumi, candle holders, items for the table and kitchen such as oilers and bottles, and Apulian heads. There are also vummili, pupa, and plant holders. Each piece is designed to add a touch of elegance and tradition to the home. Among the most requested products are also good luck charms, accessories, and personalized ceramic plaques.

Innovation and Continuity

In addition to traditional pieces, the De Donatis workshop offers a wide range of innovative and original ceramics. These include sea urchins, pierced lamps, decorative whistles, butterflies, and hot air balloons. There are also balloons, house numbers, and Christmas decorations. Each year, limited editions and lustri e preziosi are proposed. There are also decorated tiles and creations inspired by the Salento housewife.

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Glazed Ceramic PUMO

The famous glazed ceramic Pumo from Grottaglie, a pretty apulian town. An elegant gift idea symbolizing fertility and good health, perfect as a party favour for your wedding or ceremony.

€8.03 Price

Colored ceramic balloons

These delicious ceramic balloons look real to hang on the wall or to give to whoever you want. Modeled and glazed entirely by hand, they are available in different colors and sizes. Also perfect as a wedding favor.

€7.30 Price

Customization Pumo (logos)

Personalization of the Pumo by inserting the logo or initial letters of the name or names. ATTENTION: the minimum purchase of 50 customizations is also due to the fact that if you want to customize 10 Pumi, the cost starts from € 80.00

€1.31 Price
Quantity available: 200

Lucky Glazed Ceramic Owl

The monochromatic ceramic owl is a perfect example of Apulian craftsmanship. Created by local artisans, these symbols of wisdom and good fortune have been appreciated since ancient times. Each owl, crafted by hand with passion and patience, is unique in its shapes and colors. Available in various sizes, these good luck charms require up to 15 days for production. The figulina workshop, active since 1650, continues to respect tradition, ensuring the quality and uniqueness of each piece.

€12.13 Price
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Decorated balloons to hang

Our ceramic balloons to hang are handcrafted in Puglia and decorated with stripes, dots, and hearts. They measure 12 cm and are perfect for any wall. Use them as favors, decorate your wall, or gift them to your loved ones. Discover our ceramic balloons on Amazon or contact us for wholesale. Visit our website to see the full collection of Puglian ceramic balloons.

€18.69 Price