Bicchiera in Terracotta

Pottery Glass

The Terracotta Glass from Coli Ceramiche combines tradition and innovation, offering a product that is durable, elegant, and environmentally friendly. Available in various decorations, such as the star line and the blue star decor, it is ideal for any occasion. Perfect for wine, the glazed terracotta ensures long-lasting durability and unaltered brilliance over time.


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Terracotta Glass: Tradition and Quality from Puglia

The Terracotta Glass represents one of the most fascinating artisanal traditions of Puglia. This product, a symbol of authenticity and craftsmanship, is made with high-quality materials and techniques passed down through generations. The Puglian terracotta is known for its durability and beauty, making these glasses not only functional but also decorative.

Puglian Terracotta Glasses: A Varied Offering

Puglian terracotta glasses are available in various formats and decorations. Whether it is terracotta wine glasses or glazed terracotta glasses, each piece is unique and reflects the skill of local artisans. The glazing adds a touch of elegance and ensures greater longevity, preserving the brightness and color of the glass over time.

Environmental Certifications of Coli Ceramiche

Coli Ceramiche has obtained the ISO 14001:2004 certification, a recognition of the environmental quality of its activities. This certification ensures that environmental issues are under control and that performance is monitored. Obtaining the certification is a sign of trust towards customers, demonstrating a concrete commitment to the environment.

Commitment and Responsibility Towards the Territory

Coli Ceramiche is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities. The ISO 14001 certification is just the beginning of a continuous improvement process of environmental performance. The company involves employees and suppliers in a culture of sustainability, ensuring that production processes are in line with best environmental practices.

High Resistance Majolica: Innovation and Quality

The high resistance majolica of Coli Ceramiche is the result of a state-of-the-art production process and careful selection of raw materials. This ceramic is twice as resistant as regular ceramics, is dishwasher safe, non-toxic, and microwave safe, maintaining its brilliance even after numerous aggressive washing cycles.

Resistance and Reliability Tests

The impact resistance tests on Coli Ceramiche majolica demonstrate exceptional reliability. With a 50 gr. ball, the majolica withstands drops from 90 cm, while regular ceramics break at 50 cm. This sturdiness makes Coli Ceramiche majolica ideal for environments subject to impacts, offering superior quality and durability.

Lines and Decorations: The Uniqueness of the Terracotta Glass

The star line of terracotta glasses is particularly appreciated for its unique decorations. The blue star decor and the star glaze add a touch of sophistication, making each glass a unique piece. Additionally, customized terracotta glasses are available, ideal for special events or as unique gifts.

Medieval Glasses: A Journey into the Past

For history and ancient tradition enthusiasts, the medieval terracotta glasses offer a unique experience. These glasses, faithful reproductions of models used in the Middle Ages, combine aesthetics and functionality, bringing a piece of history to your table.

Terracotta Glasses Stock: Immediate Availability

Coli Ceramiche offers a wide range of terracotta glasses stock, ready for shipment. This immediate availability is ideal for those who need large quantities of glasses for events or retail, ensuring fast and reliable delivery times.