Pumo in ceramica porta candela

Glazed Ceramic Candle Holder PUMO

The famous glazed ceramic Pumo from Grottaglie, a pretty apulian town. An elegant gift idea symbolizing fertility and good health, perfect as a party favour for your wedding or ceremony. Here it's available as a CANDLE HOLDER, perfect to be lit with a simple tea light and to create an unique atmosphere.



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The name "pumo" comes from the local dialect and it means "apple". Its shape is not exactly that of an apple, but that of a blooming flower. It's one of the most famous symbols of the Apulian pottery art. Its baroque style, with an elegant conical shape surrounded by leaves, evokes exactly that of a bloom, and as a consequence expresses the good omen of prosperity and fertility. It's a great gift ideas for a just married couple and it's perfect as a party favour too.

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