Cavaliere a cavallo in terracotta

Knight on horseback in ceramic

With a noble and haughty air, this knight on horseback in Apulian ceramic is entirely handmade by the best ceramic masters that our beautiful land of Puglia has to offer. A piece endowed with a timeless elegance ready to appear on a piece of furniture in the home or in the context of a very personal collection.



Origin area
Lecce / Salento
Handmade product
Short production line / 0 Km

Halfway between Don Quixote and the legendary figure of the Headless Horseman whose ghost still roams the maze of Otranto Castle on full moon nights, this knight is ready to lead his proud horse into your ceramic collection Apulian. Elegant and austere, he looks very good if placed in the center of a buffet or an important piece of furniture, or even if inserted in a rich and varied collection of objects from all over the world. Very nice even if thought of as a sophisticated gift idea.

Works of art, unique objects

The object you are viewing - the ceramic knight - is an object and a unique creation, for this reason each object created may differ slightly in some details, the photo is indicative and general and may not exactly identify the object. The craftsmanship and the art represent that great difference that gives value to every single one.

Online sale of Apulian artisan products: availability and production times

The handcrafted Apulian ceramic object illustrated here may not be immediately available and therefore must be specially produced, generally if you order a piece there are no problems, on more prices there could be timing problems. In any case, production and shipping take approximately 1 month. If you need to know the actual availability we ask you to contact us.

Measures of the knight in Apulian ceramic

The ceramic knight is a product of great artistic value not only for its features but also for the fact that it is made entirely by hand. For this reason we indicate the measurements in the figure, but you must keep in mind that precisely for the reasons explained above, these may differ by a few cm compared to the model photographed, more or less.