Testa di RE in Terracotta

Ceramic king head

A handmade Apulian ceramic head, created by the skilled hands of Apulian master potters on the wave of emotion aroused by the famous Moor's heads and many other unique creations of their kind from every corner of the world.



An all-Apulian king ready to reign with resolve, knowledge and balance made in the most authentic Apulian ceramic, as always rigorously and meticulously by hand. Elegance, austerity, style, composure, for a collector's item designed for true connoisseurs.

Apulian ceramic works of art for sale online, unique handmade objects

The object you are viewing is a small great work of art and a unique creation, for this reason each object created may differ slightly in some details, the photo is indicative and general and may not exactly identify the object. Craftsmanship and art make the difference and give value to every single piece.

Availability and production times

The Apulian ceramic object you have selected may not be immediately available and therefore must be produced specifically for you. Generally if you order a piece there are no problems, more prices could lead to a little longer. In any case, for production and shipping you will have to calculate about 1 month. If it's a birthday or Christmas present, plan ahead! If you need to know the actual availability we ask you to contact us.

Measurements of the ceramic king's head

The measurements are relative and may differ by a few cm from the model photographed, more or less. Because? Because it is handmade!

It is important to understand that it is a handmade product.