Principessa in Terracotta

Handmade Ceramic Princess

A very elegant and sophisticated princess of yesteryear takes shape and life in the hands of the most skilled Apulian master potters to embellish a bare corner of the house or become the missing gift idea.



In authentic Apulian ceramic worked and glazed by hand still today as per tradition, this princess has sinuous shapes and enchanting meticulous details that make it very elegant and graceful. In short, a princess of other times, ready to embellish a shelf, a niche or a bare corner of the house or to become the gift idea that everyone would like to give and receive.

Works of art in authentic Apulian terracotta

The object you are viewing is a handmade object in authentic Apulian terracotta. A unique creation! For this reason, each object created may differ slightly in some small details, the photo is indicative and general and may not exactly identify the object. Craftsmanship and art is the difference that gives value to every single piece.

Availability and production times of Apulian ceramics

The object may not be immediately available and therefore it will have to be produced specifically, generally if you order a piece there are no problems, on more prices there could be timing problems. In any case, production and shipping take approximately 1 month. If you need to know the actual availability we ask you to contact us.

Measures of the ceramic princess

The measurements of this Apulian ceramic princess are relative and may differ by a few cm from the model photographed, more or less.

It is important to understand that it is a handmade product.