Sweet Taralli

Among the most loved artisanal Apulian taralli are the sweet taralli: a real treat for those who can't say no to a sweet morsel from time to time throughout the day. Let's reveal some Apulian curiosities about taralli...

How many varieties of taralli are there?

We now come to the variety of taralli. How many exist? In Puglia you will find larger, smaller or very small taralli.

They are distinguished by the type of flour used: it can be a single type of flour, two types or a multi-grain flour. We cannot fail to mention the variations of the Apulian taralli in terms of tastes, flavors and aromas. The La Terra di Puglia catalog is particularly rich and varied. You will find traditional savory taralli (with wine, fennel, extra virgin olive oil), and those that wink at the desire for something new (cacio e pepe, potatoes and rosemary, turmeric and chia seeds). Finally, we mention the sweet taralli that you find on this page, and which respond to the desire for sweetness that we all experience throughout the day. They are perfect on their own, with tea or coffee.

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Taralli with Primitivo wine

A product that expresses itself in all its salentinity: they are tarallini with primitive wine, sweet and fragrant, good in the morning but also in the evening. A versatile product perfect for every situation, different from the usual and able to surprise the palate taste after taste.

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Glazed taralli

Excellent home ingredients give life to these exquisite glazed tarallini: eggs, sugar, flour, almonds and a delicious sugar glaze, perfect to make the taste even more irresistible.

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Mustaccere (mustaccioli) with chocolate

Fragrant, aromatic and fragrant, the mustaccere, glazed with chocolate, are irresistible at any time of the day.

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Pitteddhe Stuffed with grapes

Delicious shortcrust baskets typical of the Salento tradition filled with grape jam, delicious and sweet at the right point. Small delicacies to offer at the end of a meal to your guests or as a delicious (and healthy) snack for your children.

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Almond paste biscuits

A classic of Salento pastry is almond paste. Handmade, with excellent Salento almonds, this almond paste will delight those who give it, those who receive it and of course those who taste it.

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Sweet Taralli "Vincotto"

The classic tarallino to munch at any time of the day takes on a new shape and new flavor with the addition of homemade and local vincotto. The result is exquisite: a delicately sweet, aromatic and fragrant product, so good that you won't be able to do without it.

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White wine taralli

Directly from the Preite Emiliano bakery in Salento, we offer you tarallini with white wine, which are presented to your palate in all their simple goodness: white wine, olive oil, sugar and a few ingredients for a very versatile final product, perfect for enjoy at any time of day.

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Pitteddhe Stuffed with figs

They are grandma's sweets, these pitteddhe with figs, those sweets that we like so much because they remind us of the delicious scent that came out of her cupboard.

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Pitteddhe with quince

Delicious shortcrust pastry boxes ideal for a very tasty but also very healthy snack. We like the flavors of the past! Here we offer them in the quince version. Try them all one by one!

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Almond biscuits

The almond biscuits from the Preite oven are small crunchy and light delicacies made even more special by the presence of the aromatic and irresistible Salento almond. They are also very versatile: try them with milk, tea or a good fortified wine, such as a passito.

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