Talùa Negroamaro Rosso IGT Salento

Talùa Negroamaro Rosso IGT Salento

The Negroamaro grape variety is the most widespread dark berry variety in Apulia and particularly in Salento. It is widely used to produce excellent wines, both rosé and red. It is thanks to the regional wine-growing culture and this extraordinary raw material that Salento wines are born, capable of standing out in the Italian wine scene. On this page we propose a Negroamaro rosé, deliciously balanced and with a wonderful deep pink colour.

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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
IGT Salento
Cantina Monsellato

More about Negroamaro Rosé IGT Salento Talùa

This charming rosé wine from the Salento region is the result of the exclusive vinification of Negroamaro grapes. Its hue is a charming bright pink. Its bouquet offers suggestions of fresh fruit on the nose. The taste is characterised by a pleasant softness and a dry character in equal measure. It is an ideal wine to pair with all-day meals, suitable for both daily routines and special occasions.

Pairings Negroamaro Rosé IGT Salento Talùa

This excellent rosé wine pairs beautifully with risottos, fish starters and vegetable dishes. It can also be enjoyed with delicate fruit-based desserts. Its versatility makes it a safe choice that never disappoints.