Sea bream in yellow, fish sauce with sea bream

Sea bream in yellow, fish sauce with sea bream

A fresh and healthy fish sauce made with excellent fresh sea bream and yellow tomato sauce. A tasty and tasty combination suitable for the whole family when you want a healthy but quick first course of fish. 41% of sea bream fish, while the normal sauces you find around do not even reach 7%.



Origin area
Lecce / Salento
180 gr
Passata di pomodoro gialla 57%, Orata Sparus Aurata 41%, aglio, sale, olio di semi di girasole
Short production line / 0 Km
Inmare - Reho Mare

An exquisite and healthy alternative to the "classic" pasta with tuna. A qualitatively excellent fish sauce capable of shortening cooking times without sacrificing taste and health. Nutritionists from all over the world recommend to include in the weekly diet of the good Mediterranean fish proposed in not excessively elaborate cooking. This fish sauce with sea bream in yellow is exactly the answer to this type of need.

Fish sauce with sea bream in yellow, information

A ready-made fish sauce of excellent quality, healthy and safe. Handcrafted, it allows you to bring a good and healthy product to the kitchen for you and your children. All you have to do is heat it briefly and cook your favorite pasta shape in the meantime!

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