Spelled monococco, Tubetti rigati


Monococcus spelled pasta produced by the farm of Dario Donno in the territory of Cutrofiano (LE), food specialty of spelled monococco (triticum monococcum).

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Short production line / 0 KmSi
Origin areaLecce / Salento
GMO FreeSi
Ingredientsfarina di farro monococco 100%, acqua
Nutritional infoContiene glutine
Cooking6 minuti in abbondante acqua
Formato400 gr
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"Spelled" is the common name with which the clothes are called, which differ from the most common naked wheat (soft and hard) because at the time of threshing the kernels do not separate from the glumellas.

Three different species whose crops have reached our days:

    spelled small or monococco (Triticum monococcum)
    medium spelled or dicocco (Triticum dicoccum)
    big spelled or spelled (Triticum spelta).

These are 3 genetically different species, therefore with different plant and grain characteristics: The monococco is a small plant, with thin leaves and small and "soft" grain;

Dicocco is the most widespread species in the Mediterranean, it has a large, well-developed plant, a large ear and grain, and is a cousin of durum wheat; Spelled is the common spelled in Northern Europe, has characteristics similar to common wheat.
Monocock spelled

The monococco, called spelled small, is the first cereal to have been cultivated and used by the man this cereal, for spontaneous crossings with other species, has given origin to most of today known wheats and that's why we can define it "the father of all the wheats ". Its rusticity, tolerance to diseases and environmental stress, not very demanding in agronomic practices, makes it perfect for organic crops.

From the nutritional point of view it has:

    a higher protein content (16-20%) suitable for high protein diets;
    a higher ash content and microelements (iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium)
    a low presence of saturated fatty acids;
    less starch content and better digestibility;
    a higher presence of antioxidants and yellow pigments (carotenoids, including beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A);
    a higher content of tocoli (vitamin E).

These principles play an important role in the functional activities of the cell and are efficient antioxidant agents. The structure of the monococcus is smaller and more compact than that of modern wheat and contains much more amylose than amylopectin, so its consumption helps maintain normal levels of sugar and insulin in the blood after meals and provides a sense of longer satiety. The monococcus gluten is genetically type A, the oldest, therefore more digestible.

Minerals and vitamins in doses 3-4 times higher than the other wheats, as well as alpha and beta carotene, lutein, zeaxatin, riboflavin and phosphorus.

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Spelled monococco, Tubetti rigati

Spelled monococco, Tubetti rigati

Monococcus spelled pasta produced by the farm of Dario Donno in the territory of Cutrofiano (LE), food specialty of spelled monococco (triticum monococcum).

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