Colored ceramic balloons

These delicious ceramic balloons look real to hang on the wall or to give to whoever you want. Modeled and glazed entirely by hand, they are available in different colors and sizes. Also perfect as a wedding favor.

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Delicious ceramic balloons, available in different colors and sizes, perfect to hang on the wall alone or in a composition according to your taste and your imagination. Perfect for the children's bedroom, they can also furnish a modern-style house or a store.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, we recommend reading the page to the bottom

Is it possible to choose other colors, in addition to the seven?
Yes of course, on the page at the bottom you will find a color table, to choose more than the seven, we advise you to add the desired quantities and sizes to the cart (even of the same color). Subsequently, when you are completing your order, on the address page you will find a notes field: use that space to communicate the colors you want.

Are there any further measures?
The measures can be found in the part where it says "select height / size" by clicking on it you will find the measures to select and the relative prices.

Are there any discounts ?
On the page you will find the quantity discounts section, this means that from a quantity onwards you will pay the price you find written.

What are the timelines?
The timing depends on the availability and on the orders in progress. We always have a stock, however, at certain times of the year or for particular colors, we will produce the balloons especially for you when placing your order. Since it is an artisanal product made on the lathe and hand-enameled, the entire process requires a MINIMUM of 7/10 working days, this means that we cannot guarantee and be certain of the delivery times, so we ask you to order for weather.

How is the size calculated?
The size of is calculated along the TOTAL length of the balloon object, i.e. from the end of the knot to the head.

Are the dimensions accurate?
No, the dimensions will never be accurate, because it is a handmade product, handcrafted and made especially for you, so there may be a maximum of 1 cm offsets, if you buy 4 balloons of 14 cm it may be that one is slightly longer than normal and one slightly shorter than normal, which is not a defect, indeed, an advantage, precisely because all our balloons are handmade from beginning to end.

Are the balloons available?
YOU FREQUENTLY ASK US IF CERTAIN COLORS OR SIZES ARE AVAILABLE, everything is available, because we are artisans and everything is eventually produced, we cannot guarantee immediate availability. If your order is not available, the status IN PRODUCTION will change and we will inform you of everything by email. In any case, we are always available for any doubt or question.

How are the balloons shipped?
The balloons are shipped appropriately wrapped in a plastic material - the bubble wrap, a particular plastic sheet strengthened by many "bubbles" of air - designed to protect them better during the trip. Once packed, they are placed in your package.

Do you make packages?
We do not pack for ceremonies, because the balloons are packed for shipping and therefore specially protected. The boxes are available separately and here you will find solutions by choosing them based on the measurements.

In the smaller version, they are also suitable for being offered as a favor for baptisms or confirmations. Their added value: ours are made, shaped and glazed entirely by HAND by master potters of great skill and experience

NB: each balloon is equipped, in its slightly flattened rear part, with a hole that will be used for the nail that you will have to put on the wall in order to hang it. Nail not included.

ATTENTION, the balloon is handmade and therefore not all colors and all sizes are always immediately available, we will check the order and if available the order status will go "in preparation" or "in production" with production times of MINIMUM 7/10 working days for smaller orders (maximum 30 pieces), 30 days for larger orders.

The prices of the terracotta balloon
The prices of the balloon are measured in height and it is possible to select them from the height / size menu to find out the price of each size, for convenience we report here the list prices that may vary according to the quantity purchased.

  • 8cm 6,60€
  • 10cm 9,90€
  • 14cm 17,20€
  • 20cm 30,00€

To find out the discounted prices based on the quantity above, find the DISCOUNTS BY QUANTITY section, to find the quantity discount for each size you have to select the size.

If you have to order several pieces, it is not important to select the color, it is important to select the size, so you can also buy all white and then later in the notes field that you will find during the purchase, tell us the colors chosen.


Preparation and shipping times for ceramic balloons
Not all colors and sizes may be available immediately, if you need an urgent delivery within 7 days you must contact us to check availability, otherwise for each order we calculate a MINIMUM waiting time for production of 10/15 days more. 1/2 days for delivery times.
Ceramic balloons

palloncini ceramica puglia e salento

Palloncini di colore rosso, vermiglio e blu

palloncini di ceramica fatti a mano

Palloncini in ceramica appesi al muro

Palloncini verdi e blu


palloncini bellissimi, colori brillanti. Molto più di quello che mi aspettavo. Me ne sono completamente innamorata! Complimenti, da consigliare assolutamente. Imballo fatto alla perfezione e tempi di preparazione e spedizione giusti

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Colored ceramic balloons

Colored ceramic balloons

These delicious ceramic balloons look real to hang on the wall or to give to whoever you want. Modeled and glazed entirely by hand, they are available in different colors and sizes. Also perfect as a wedding favor.

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