Gift voucher 150€

Gift voucher 150€


Quantità disponibili: 100

The personalized gift vouchers developed by La Terra di Puglia are gift vouchers to be printed or sent by email to whoever you want. Those who receive the free gift vouchers (in fact, those who receive will not have to pay anything, only choose the products they want and place their order), will only have to use them on this site by entering the code received at the end of their order, in the virtual cart .

How our gift cards work

The Gift Card or Gift Certificate is a voucher to be given to anyone you want. It can only be spent on our site. The moment it is purchased. a unique code is generated that can be used by the recipient in a very simple way: just add it to the cart to reduce the amount of the Gift Card from the total.

When purchasing a Gift Card, you can indicate the name of the recipient, his email, and specify the date on which you want the voucher to be delivered to the recipient (an anniversary, a birthday).

We will send a personalized email to notify you of the receipt of the gift.