Oil in terracotta jar 500ml

Oil in terracotta jar 500ml

An entirely Italian extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted with traditional techniques, preserved in an elegant white glazed terracotta jar. Ideal to bring to the table or to display in the kitchen. Also perfect as a gift idea. The oil it contains is an extra virgin olive oil of the Favolosa variety.

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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
Olio extravergine di Oliva 100% italiano estratto a freddo da Favolosa Monocultivar
500 ml
Short production line / 0 Km

ATTENTION: the saucer in the photo on which the jar is placed is not included in the purchase, only the jar.

The jar is a traditional Apulian terracotta container in which oil was stored in the past. The terracotta jar is an object that today is back in the limelight thanks to the rediscovery by countless olive farms of Salento and Puglia, which have made it a real collector's item.

We therefore find it on La Terra di Puglia as a gift idea with a contemporary look that nevertheless winks at tradition. A timeless container that is beautiful to donate, collect, keep in plain sight and of course bring to the table.

And bringing the jar that we propose here to the table is really a pleasure, since the oil it contains is a truly valuable oil. It is an extra virgin olive oil of a beautiful intense green, with a rich and round flavor, not at all intrusive and very pleasant. The scent it leaves on the palate is herbaceous and spring. A 100% Apulian extra virgin olive oil, extracted from a single type of cultivar, the "Favolosa".

As you know, the "Favolosa" type is the cultivar that in some way represented the turning point in olive growing after the Xylella epidemic that plagued and brought much of Salento and Puglia to its knees.